Revlon Insta-Blush (Berry Kiss, Candy Kiss, Nude Kiss) Review

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I won a Revlon Gift Bag from an Instagram contest by NuffnangMy and Revlon Malaysia sometime back in August. Honestly, except for the 3 new Revlon Insta-Blush, I kinda regretted winning it though.

What I received in the Revlon Gift Bag:
1. A Revlon red makeup/toiletry bag
2. All 3 Revlon Insta-Blush (Berry Kiss, Candy Kiss, Nude Kiss)
3. Revlon Colorsilk in 30 Dark Brown


All Rainbows and Flowers with A Better Florist

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There’s not a single person on this planet that doesn’t like gifts. You love receiving them, or gifting them or both, but the way it makes you feel is a story on its own. A Better Florist is probably the best florist in Singapore that took gifts and flowers to the next level and focused, not solely on design and beauty, but on the way these creations make you feel. It totally turned the floristry scene, upside down and changed the way we shop for gifts and flowers.

With A Better Florist, shopping for fruit baskets or bouquets is far from traditional, as they know exactly how precious time comes to each and every citizen in Singapore. Save yourself some time and join A Better Florist who can cater to you long-distance.Their blooming world is online, where all the hampers, flower arrangements, balloons and flower stands are. New age calls for a new way to shop, that’s much more convenient and easy, and A Better Florist decided to bring convenience to flower shopping. They’re literally the first florist in Singapore that introduced this kind of simple experience. I can go on for days introducing all their lovely bouquets and hampers, but there’s so much variety and options, that it’s best that you look on your own. Here’s a hint: Don’t miss their bundles!

If you want a fruit basket, you don’t have to struggle all the way to a gift shop to find it and carry it home, sweating with each step. If you need urgent funeral flowers, you don’t have to leave your home to order and have them delivered. Even if you need something that doesn’t require flowers, like a baby shower gift or a rich and beautiful get well soon hamper, you still don’t have to budge an inch, or leave their website. It’s like a new galaxy where flowers and gifts dominate. They’ve evolved into a business that’s continuously expanding and adding new services, so that you don’t have to waste your time. It’s all about exceptional service and being happy with this florist.

That’s not the only thing that I like about this flower delivery Singapore has gone crazy for. It’s one of the cheapest deliveries out there, along with selling blooms that are also affordable. You can always find different options, so even if you don’t have a large budget for gift or flower shopping, they can help you create something that you do have money for. They don’t want you to leave empty handed, because happiness is all that matter. After all, feeling great is all that matters and the best florist in Singapore always focuses on that.

Besides being fairly cheap, their flower delivery Singapore loves because it’s so fast and trustworthy. They’ll never let you done. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a holiday or the weekend. They deliver every day, on the same day, within 90 minutes. They’re always open, so it’s basically like a fast food joint that you can always turn to in times of hunger and in need of comfort. Long live food and flower joints!

So the  best flower delivery in Singapore has finally arrived, and we have A Better Florist to thank for bringing it to us. Now, they’re moving on, and they now offer a Dubai flower delivery and a Hong Kong flower delivery as well, because the rest of the world deserve a piece of the petal pie as well!

Now that they have the best flower delivery in Hong Kong, you can trust me when I say that not only are they best at what they do in Singapore, they are also known as the best florist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and consequently the best Florist in Hong Kong! So wherever you are, I suggested you check out what A Better Florist is all about. Their blooms and gifts speak more about who they are, then I ever could. See for yourself!

Thanks for reading!


Notion Press Malaysia : Short Story Contest 2017

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Notion Press is a book publishing company, which recently held a Short Story Contest for Malaysia to participate.

Home Page

"Notion Press was started on January 1, 2012 as a provider of high quality publishing services. Today, Notion Press offers various publishing, book printing and distribution options to both authors and publishers from around the world. We are a technology start-up & one of the fastest growing book publishing companies in India that aims to solve problems in book publishing and distribution by creating highly scale-able solutions that work across the globe."

The Short Story Contest was held from 18th of August and ends on 13th of September.

Voting for the stories ended on 20th of September at 11:59 PM.

Contest winners were announced on 22nd of September.

Read more to find out the winning stories.


Langkawi: An Island of Adventure / My Overdue Trip Recap

4:30 PM


This may be overdue but no place is too ancient except The Lost World of Atlantis (if you can get there la). I visited Langkawi in August last year. Lol. Drafted a post then it got ‘submerged’ under other drafts until I forgot all about it. Wtf, I need to look through all my posts if this can happen once. *I hope once only. >.<”

So, why Langkawi?

Best sunset view? Taken at Cenang Beach #sunsetview

Bf went the previous year with his friend but unluckily for him, it was the rainy season. Like, the beach is there but you don’t want to get wet. From the rain. #logicfail Lol. I decided to book a trip with my BFF. 

Here’s the clinch: Both of us didn’t plan anything out. Lol #YOLO

Read more to find out how we managed!

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