Mid year update

11:40 PM

Hi. こんにちは。


Just a quick type here. 

So far, Malaysia has not allowed international travels, only returns into the country and the mandatory 2 weeks quarantine. 

I have been on a lot of book buying spree. Regrettably quite a lot so it's a book buying ban for July. I'm hoping there isn't any Must-have books that tempt me. Books I have bought in June are mostly from Buku Fixi. I also have a few ebooks from Google Book.

I am thinking to join some events this month/year. Yeah a few. First, there's a #FixiNovoMalaysianNovelContest. Deadline by 31st December 2020. Anyone else interested can join by buying 3 books from the listed Fixi Novo. Terms and conditions also can be found there. I will be writing a Malaysian story but haven't decided on the setting; to be in Kl or Sarawak. There's a reason for this and it is important so I need the time to think this through.

Another event, that I just saw on Facebook, is The Malaysian Comickers' Challenge. The deadline for submission is 1st October 2020. This is quite abrupt but I did want to start back my love for drawing. If I am not so critical of it myself, I would have drawn lots by now. Second guessing myself came at a price. I still have lots of self confidence, bordering on arrogance really but... Anyway, I have a somewhat basic story in mind. 

One last event on my mind is Nanowrimo, in November. I may be taking too much on my plate. The time line isn't that convenient, I still want my time for games and sleepppppp. Sleep is important.

But if I take these three major events and judge them all, I find that I need to consider doing them. All three involve writing, to some level of degree. Maybe not so much on the Comic event. However, the plans required, the duration I will need to invest myself into. Woah. Writing this down from my head, seems to clear some roadblocks. 

Hmmm. さあ。。。Well, I will see how this goes. 

Thanks for reading. Bye! 

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