Mid year update

11:40 PM

Hi. こんにちは。


Just a quick type here. 

So far, Malaysia has not allowed international travels, only returns into the country and the mandatory 2 weeks quarantine. 

I have been on a lot of book buying spree. Regrettably quite a lot so it's a book buying ban for July. I'm hoping there isn't any Must-have books that tempt me. Books I have bought in June are mostly from Buku Fixi. I also have a few ebooks from Google Book.

I am thinking to join some events this month/year. Yeah a few. First, there's a #FixiNovoMalaysianNovelContest. Deadline by 31st December 2020. Anyone else interested can join by buying 3 books from the listed Fixi Novo. Terms and conditions also can be found there. I will be writing a Malaysian story but haven't decided on the setting; to be in Kl or Sarawak. There's a reason for this and it is important so I need the time to think this through.

Another event, that I just saw on Facebook, is The Malaysian Comickers' Challenge. The deadline for submission is 1st October 2020. This is quite abrupt but I did want to start back my love for drawing. If I am not so critical of it myself, I would have drawn lots by now. Second guessing myself came at a price. I still have lots of self confidence, bordering on arrogance really but... Anyway, I have a somewhat basic story in mind. 

One last event on my mind is Nanowrimo, in November. I may be taking too much on my plate. The time line isn't that convenient, I still want my time for games and sleepppppp. Sleep is important.

But if I take these three major events and judge them all, I find that I need to consider doing them. All three involve writing, to some level of degree. Maybe not so much on the Comic event. However, the plans required, the duration I will need to invest myself into. Woah. Writing this down from my head, seems to clear some roadblocks. 

Hmmm. さあ。。。Well, I will see how this goes. 

Thanks for reading. Bye! 


World Watercolor Month 2020 with Stickerrific

2:00 AM


Stickerrific is hosting another challenge for World Watercolor Month 2020 this July. Interested to show off your crafty colours?

Below are the 31 prompts:
World Watercolor Month 2020 with Stickerrific

Important rule to join their challenge only on Instagram.

Other Rules from their Facebook post:

1. You must use watercolor as the main medium in your artworks (no digital artworks allowed), no size constraints

2. Please tag and follow @stickerrific

3. Use the hashtag #artwithstickerrific #stickerrific2020 #worldwatercolormonth2020

4. Post each artwork as one individual post or photo on your INSTAGRAM feed and include the art prompt (e.g: Day 5 Crossing)

5. You must complete one week’s worth of prompts (prompts are divided into blocks Week 1, 2, etc) in order to qualify as one entry. You cannot mix prompts from different weeks to qualify as an entry but if you’re doing it for fun go ahead!

6. Please ensure that your feed is set to public otherwise they will be unable to view it

7. This giveaway is open to everyone/international however you must be able to collect your prize from the store.

8. You may participate in all four weeks but there will only be one prize per winner which will be drawn on a weekly basis (example if 30 people complete all 8 prompts for week 1, they will all go into a random draw for week 1’s prize) which will be announced on the 15th of July, 7 days after each week ends.

31 July 2020

If you don't have the tools you need, Stickerrific is having 15% discount on all watercolor products (mediums, papers, paints, brushes etc) using the coupon code WATERCOLOR15 (1-31 July 2020).

Ready to paint?

I am. :) 

Thanks for reading! Bye!

Disclaimer: Information are copy paste from Stickerrific's post about the Giveaway. I am no way reimbursed/engaged for sharing the information. This sharing is purely done by my own personal interest to join the challenge as a participant.

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