#1 Writing prompt

10:36 PM

"Attitude is everything", she told me.

Then she started to list out her best sellers, how their lives had changed, who and who was driving the latest 4WD. She drummed how 4 became 8 became 16 became 32 became 64.. That vacationing overseas, enjoying the snow, staycation in luxurious villas, were achieveable. All I had to do was pay a deposit of RM50 to join. 

I hummed and ahh-ed while casting glances at my watch. Why, in hell, did I contacted this number for a side hustle? Had I expected it to be an honest work? Well, the notice had advertised it as such.

Make money from home! No experience required. You can learn while selling. 

Oh wait, those words were beginning to sound misleading alright. I looked at the woman in front of me. Her age was around mine, maybe just a little bit older, 25ish? Her clothes were neat, not exactly fashionable but they were well coordinated to match her simple accessories of a watch and silver bracelet. Both were on her right wrist, so they made a little harmonious knock on each other as she moved her arms to emphasize her words.

I took some sips from my mocha. "That all sounds great. Thank you. But I'll like to think about it more before joining, please?"

She stopped. Uh-oh. I blinked as I registered a flash of annoyance on her previously animated face. Undeterred, clasping her hands on the table, she smiled a rather self-indulgent smile.

"Actually, I have one of my friends nearby. She's just closing a sale and we had planned to meet up after I have this talk with you." Okay, maybe I should leave. "Well, there she is. Is it okay if she joins us?"

... Uh huh, she brought in reinforcement for her MLM.

*writer's note
Hello, I enjoyed writing this little piece from a writing prompt. I'm going to stop here for a while and maybe or maybe not, there will be a continuation? Who knows. Lol. Thanks for reading. Bye. 

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