CMCO2 Day 10 // MCO Day 66

8:00 PM


It is so hot today. 

I eat lunch. 

I eat meat and rice.

肉 は 鳥 と 豚 です。
The meat is chicken and pork.

Lol, okay typing in Japanese that I am not used to, is trying.



CMCO2 Day 7 // MCO Day 63

10:00 PM


Today unexpected leave of absence from one of our longest employee. Did it took us by surprise? Yes, it did.

She does have an extrovert personality so perhaps this social distancing is taking a toll on her mental health. I approve the leave, partly because she needs it and also actually, she deserves it.

We had planned trips before Covid-19 closed up most countries. Moreover, for safety reasons, flights are cancelled hence the Domino effect.



CMCO2 Day 4 // MCO Day 60

10:00 PM


Today feels like a scene right out from Weathering with You due to the non stop rain. Literally, rain, light drizzle, heavier rain, stop a few hours, back to raining. 

Luckily we managed to get one of his must-have 'Ramadan' food, satay. He is satisfied and so am I. Next I'm hoping for lemang and rendang.

I'm the type that dislikes pulling meat off the stick, so I de-stick 'em. E calls me barbaric. Lol. 

Nothing else.



CMCO2 Day 3 // MCO Day 59

1:00 AM


Urmmmm, hey, so how is life?

With Covid-19, I guess for some, it is introverts-best-life and some i-need-sustenance and some i-need-manicure. *cough* Yea, I did not expect the MCO to prolong, now it's CMCO2. Gawd, my nails are long!

I just felt to type in for a while then disappear again til I have the next urge to write. Been having this kinda spurt since 2017. I think, write, draw, read, watch but I still feel so empty. Really empty, nothing feels fulfilling enough to sustain that spurt. Like I'm really bored.

So yea, how is your life?

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