New Month April

6:55 PM


*sweeps away cobwebs and dust bunnies then sprays lavender mist spray

How have you all been?

I do hope everything is well and you all are in good health, also with more wealth. We can always either work more hours or work smarter to earn more moolah. 
I know I need some from my over spending in March.

Anyway, I will be updating my blog more, starting this April. Finally, I came up with a blog editorial calendar that I like! All those Facebook, Instagram, blog posts and Pinterest do help, you guys! Partly because I find that my blog is so randomized that I myself got lost, what the fuck am I actually blogging about. Plus, I did not actually like some posts in the past. They were posts just to fill up the void. Hence, the low quality of them. Sighhhhh.

By next year, might be earlier, I will do away with the 'le awkward lady'. I am no longer awkward, just an introvert who loves her solitude to ponder on life. When I say introvert, I meant it.

Which is why, I started throwing myself into planners. My favourites now are the Hobonichis and I got all the three Doraemon versions, shows how much I adore it but not exactly that cray cray yet lah. I will not buy those horribly disfigured Doraemon selling for cheap. *side eyes


Hobonichi Weeks
Hobonichi Avec
Hobonichi Original

Weeks (Every Day Carry)
- Fastlog, Expenses Tracker, Event, Book Read List

- Daily Journal, Day Highlights, Random titbits

- Junk journal

I am doing fine with the hoboweeks as EDC but failing Avec and Original. But I am not worried by the blank pages. Lol. The avec is filling up nicely with the nice wrappings of purchases received from my hauls. The original might be forgotten a few days but that's okay. Blank pages can be used for doodles, lettering practice or just conteng conteng. 

New babies: 
Royal White from Paperdorable
Kate Spade Wellesly Pink Cabaret

Both uses personal size inserts, the Kate Spade came with 2016 inserts while the Paperdorable is empty. I have already recycled the inserts with stickers from Artsunami and bought beige coloured inserts. I did not realized that the inserts were beige, you all! I totally skipped reading that and was shocked when they came. Lol. But as the Paperdorable is for work, it will be a trial and error system. I am trying to be up to date with the Purchase Orders. It is HELL. Lol.

And that is all for now.

Thanks for reading this far.

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