#1 2019

12:30 AM

Hi, 2019.

Does anybody still read my blog? xD Sorry if you are the rare gems here and I have not been diligent in updating.

Not saying much, I won't be blogging alot, since last year, since July 2018. Somehow, I don't feel like I should continue blogging. It is too much of a hassle to write up a post. Used to be so much easier during University. Now, I would just love to not think, brain fried from working and just enjoy watching movies or reading a book.

On that note, I found a Facebook Group for ARC (advance reading copy, advance review copy, advance reader's edition, advance copy, or a reader's edition). It is in English, receive the book copies in PDF format which can be open via iBook. I've read about 5 now. After finish reading, I give my review on the book's Goodreads/Amazon. If I do not know how to express myself, I read what the other reviewers' post. It is helpful. However, be honest when reviewing. If the book is not your type, do not ask for review. If cannot finish, let the author know. All in all, I love it as the group got my reading up. No way that I can finish 16 books for my Goodsread Target of 25 though. Been slacking too much.

Anyway, I am in Tokyo now! Can't believe that I got to experience Spring in 2016, Autumn in 2018 and now 2019 Winter. Lol. Unexpected trip, this one. Hoping there will no incidents. But then Hokkaido didn't turn out to be unbearable cold.

2018 in Retrospect
Mixed feelings

I started penpal. I posted out postcards from Japan. I bought lots of stationery, local and overseas. I bought less cosmetics and skincare. My pile grew bigger. Lol.

2019 Wish

  • Write lots of letters
  • Daily journal (for my sanity)
  • Attend journal gathering
  • Improve my work data
  • Move lots, exercise (get that gym membership)
  • Spoil myself monthly, with stationery
  • Read more, finish 50 Books
  • Be artsy, target to draw anything weekly
  • Attend 2019 Comic Fiesta, by cosplaying (I chicken out 2018  because it was hot)
  • Blog more (?)
  • Focus on content quality, not quantity
That's all.

Also, I would not be attending blog events unless it fits my working schedule and leisure time. Most of the time, only product goodies are given, which does not justify my content, time, energy and drive to the venue. Besides, I suck at doing videos last year, will improve that.

Hoping to do the daily journal. I am tempted to open a new IG especially for that but I can't imagine managing two accounts. Likely the personal IG will die with lesser and lesser updates. Lol.

Thanks for Reading and A Happy New Year!

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