Dear Diary #3

9:00 PM

By June, only seven posts in 2018 compared to 36 in 2017. Wow.

  17 (52)

Been letting this blog quite empty for a few times already, no posts at all in June.

I just didn't feel like posting anything or using the laptop much last month.

Instead, I'm more interested in looking at my Instagram feed (Bullet Journal Inspirations! My new addiction) and Twitter (there's more viral rants there then Facebook, LOL).

I guess this is one of my interest burst. I'm used to starting a new hobby, doing it halfway then stop whenever I feel like it. Maybe to start another interest.

So far, this bullet journaling hobby is still here. The key is to not be bothered by the prettier or more creative accounts on Instagram. Or getting hung on by why no one notices my effort.

Since my memory is quite bad that I sometimes can't remember incidents after 48 hours (worse, just 24 hours ago), I made time for a write-in every night. Or the very next day. It's good, I don't entirely forget what happened. Plus by choosing to write-in with pen and paper, my writing does improve a bit.

Will share my ugly entries in other posts.


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