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Can't believe that we are almost at the half of 2018 now. Feels like just yesterday that we heard the New Year Countdown and then the Chinese New Year fireworks (though some can be illegal but we won't go into that lah, best left hush hush).

And soon, Malaysia will be going to vote. #GE14 #undiiturahsia 

But I digress here.

The Butterfly Project, AKA TBP, is a Blogging Community that I joined back in 2014, is now officially 5 Years Old! Actually, it started back in 2013 but back then, it wasn't 'officially' a community...yet.

Get that, FIVE great years. And it started out as, well, quite a quiet community for bloggers to gather and mix and share their own blogging journey. 

April Fool, 'twas not,
Butterflies stepped forth,
A magical realm of pastels.
To be or not to be
A Unicorn for a Day.
P.S.: Sorry if this is lame but yea, I just can't resist a Shakespeare urge here.

Party Banner from TBP

What is this Blogging Community that I am talking about?

Inspired by a local magazine - Female Magazine when they showcased a series of challenges for a group of women to undergo makeovers ranging from beauty to lifestyle called the Female Butterfly Project. Much like America's The Swan without the plastic surgery and dental work. Since then, Tammy has initiated her own group of women bloggers to inspire and challenge them to makeover themselves through blogging. The community's tagline "Beauty From Head To Toe" meant becoming beautiful from the inside and out.
Explore more here. Ways to join at bottom post!

Find TBP on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Email

Here's a quick My Memory Lane with The Butterfly Project that I did last year and the 4th Birthday post. Feel free to take a quick read or you can recap it at the bottom of this post too. :)

Best to prepare a drink and no interruptions until you finish reading my post.
No kidding, after drafting, I needed to read and read again for any mistakes. Lol. This post might just be the longest post for 2018.
Same as last year, The Butterfly Project's Party is a much anticipated event. 

Yeap, we are that hyped up for it.

Now, let's get ready to enter my Recap of the party.

At the same time, get ready to Plan a Unicorn Party, kick-ass style.

FIRST: where & when

What's a party to start without a Venue, Date and Time?

Bear in mind that you can host a damn good party just about anywhere, even in your own cozy habitat. You must go easy on the invites for it to be comfy there lah.

Venue: Wondermilk Uptown, PJ
Date: 1st April 2018
Time: 3pm - 5pm

Easily reachable venue? Checked! Best to check that it is in a known area. No need to hassle the guests to seek the venue, right?

Convenient date and time? Subjective. Everyone have their 'Preferred' say, best you get majority vote on this.


Set a Dress Code? Checked!

Dress code: Magical Unicorn + Unicorn Horn
In photo: Tammy (IG: @hellotammylim) + Sydney (IG: @somethinkblack)
Photo from TBP
Be Special Unicorn
Rawlins Glam (IG: @rawlins_glam)
Elegant Unicorn
Bella (IG: @beautiventures)
Cute Unicorn
Bee Lee (IG: @beeleec)
Sexy Unicorn Pose + Party Emcee
Dee Leonard (IG: @dee.leonard)

Me? *cough*
Whatever fits Unicorn
Rika (IG: @rika_jue)
*cough* shameless self promote

I overdid on DIY-ing my Unicorn Horn until it was humongous (same length as my face le, #facepalm) plus it was a last minute decision to DIY. I used white felt, gold sequins and silver ribbon for it. 

Learn from me: Please buy a good ready-made unicorn horn or be like Candace, she fooled me completely with her Unicorn. Read her post, not going to reveal her secret here! Lol.

Psst, Dress from Kiss & Tell. *not sponsored

List down a few rules, we won't want any *ahem* drama during the party. Be graphic, it gets the rules across better, like example below-

Rules by TBP

Extra TBP Rules (not in the 'infographic'):

- Do bring your blog cards to exchange, make new friends! 
- Smile don't RBF (photographer stalking) RBF-resting bitch face
- Party Hashtags [Copy & Paste]
#butterflymsia #everydayflowersmy #gngstudiobooth #brrrloon #belifmy #nyxcosmeticsmy #dollywink #50gram #wanderlustthings #trollbeadsMY 

THIRD: during
*long write-up ahead*
TBP Activity Card

Keep your guests entertained and happy! Easier said than done, here, there, everywhere. Aihhh.

With the aid of an Activity Card, the TBP Party was a blast. We roughly knew what activities were going on based on the card. It was left to us to join whichever activity, in no compulsory order. Lol. The photobooth was a big hit, will let you know why in a bit.
Party Balloons (Deco) by Brrrloon

What's a party without huge balloons? TBP didn't disappoint here, we got such gorgeous decorations to pose for that perfect IG shot. Yeap, we took those deco for poses everywhere we could think to get that well-lit perfect shot! Even sacrificing a proper seat.
Dreamy Unicorn
Arisa (IG: @arisa_chow)

Balloon logo / text customization
Balloon Confetti Poppers
Emcee Dee + Tammy popping time & Party start!
Colouring + Auto Inflate Station

This was a fun and enjoyable activity for parties, suitable for every age. You colour in the balloons, punch in the middle and shake, shake it. Lol. The balloon inflated during the shake. I enjoyed colouring then punching the balloon, releasing stress during a party is a great idea. Too bad only one punch, KO already. >:P

Flower Bar by Everyday Flowers
Having a Flower Bar at a party was just brilliant! Being able to pick 2 stalks and see it become a mini bouquet on the spot was priceless!

Highly recommended for a party with Unicorn theme; this would definitely make guests happy as they got a custom made flower bouquet to bring home. Plus, added prop for IG shots!

Here's mine! I picked a flower as the center piece for the bouquet, then minis as a complementary.

Unicorn Adoption by 50Gram

Photo from 50Gram

What's a Unicorn theme party without a real Unicorn, with an Adoption Certificate to boot!

Got my own Unicorn (mug) at the party, safely hidden from dragons and evil witches out to get it and cause mischief and distress to me. Wtf dramatic write-up lah. Lol.
(*-*) Adoption Proof (*-*)

Oh, the name's Mint. I almost wanted to write Minty or Spearmint, should have went with Doublemint. *lamepun

Interested with the Unicorn? Get one here. *wink

Photobooth by GNG Studiobooth
The Team

GNG Studiobooth is back again and we got fabulous party prints. Yay!

During the party, they also had a new service!

Boomerang Booth (watch the videos here)
Arisa + Dee
Tehmina (IG: @tehminakaoosji)

Aliza (IG: @alizasara)
Miriam (IG: @miriam_hk)

Absolutely love this service as I got a 1second Boomerang of myself. Lol.

FOURTH: surprise

Reward your guests' effort for dressing up! Who doesn't love to feel appreciated for the effort they put in to show up with the Dress Code?

Your Prizes should ideally be party-related. 

Take TBP for example!

3 x Best-Dressed Unicorn Gift from Trollbeads worth RM508 each

Each Unicorn received a Sterling silver 925 bangles, with a special lock and a beautiful bead from Trollbead's latest collection. Woah, these prizes damn special, okay.

The 3 Best-Dressed Unicorns, selected by pasting Gold Stickers on them
Syafiera, Rawlins, Bella

Decide how your Judging criteria will go, make it fair and square.We wouldn't want any green monster lurking underneath yea.

FIFTH: after

For the Perfect Unicorn theme Party, prepare Unicorn Bags! TBP got this part hands down. The Unicorn Bag was the perfect party bag for the party and it was filled with fantastic items, provided by generous sponsors.

Unicorn Bag
In the Bag:

Belif Malaysia

NYX Professional Makeup

Koji Dolly-Wink's Eyelashes *NEW*

Wanderlust Things

Dear Beaute (Japan)

The Butterfly Project
Thank you Birthday Card with Unicorn Horn (brush)
*Special from Tammy <3

Psst: I haven't got the heart to really open any of it. Lol. In due time I will review each item.

SIXTH: memories

Get your guests to hashtag the party on their Photos/Selfies/Wefies/Facebook Status, etc.

Hashtags used for TBP 5th Birthday + Sponsors hashtags:

Easiest option if you didn't hire an official photographer on that day. Also, you might just get candid photos that are priceless.

Exhibit A: I regretted nothing, I had the Tallest & Biggest Unicorn Horn!
wtf it really was the biggest at the party ROFL

Think you are ready to throw a Magical Unicorn Party?

Hold it, remember the Most Important Part of all Parties:


If they aren't happy, your party didn't work. Always be on hand to sense any discomfort.

Much Gratitude to TBP's BROs for making this party a blast, with minor hiccups but what's a party without hiccups?

Now, go and plan your party, see if it can beat TBP. ;P

If you skipped reading the following before, here I promote again, a quick My Memory Lane with The Butterfly Project that I did last year and the 4th Birthday post. Hohoho, it is good to read more, right.

Interested to Join TBP?

Read how to join here.

Disclaimer: Gorgeous photos of the event are taken by butterfly volunteer Eros Si from Fishmeatdie, unless stated otherwise.

Thanks for reading!

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