Mentholatum Lip Baby Crayon Lip & Eye Review

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I'm going to share about a Japan beauty product, bought from my Hokkaido trip. Others to follow soon, please bear with me as I actually bought a lot of one particular brand. Lol.
Mentholatum Lip Baby Crayon Lip & Eye

Firstly, these babies are not yet available in Malaysia. BUT their predecessor will soon be in our beauty markets. Namely the Mentholatum Lip Baby Crayon, 4 colours in this range.
Source: Hermo website

I've seen some beauty bloggers reviewing them so stay tune to their release. Otherwise, Hermo are selling them (not paid, just in case you are interested to try them out for yourself). I hope the ones that I am reviewing, will be made available as well, as these are really the most convenient. 

There are 3 colours to pick from Mentholatum Lip Baby Crayon Lip & Eye, depending on your pigmentation preference. Why? The lighter shades don't come out much so if you want it to be noticeable, you need to pick the darker shade.

Here, I picked out Cotton Pink (コットンピンク) and Bitter Bordeaux (ビッターボルドー). The 3rd is called Trap Pink (トラップピンク). The colour names are using Katakana.

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Both Mentholatum Lip Baby Crayon Lip & Eye opened cap

Both products have a strong peppermint scent and feeling too. As I absolutely love peppermint, I find it fantastic on my lips and very cooling on my eyelids.

So, if you are not a fan, you may want to skip this, the minty feeling lasts a long time on the lips while on the eyelids, it disappears within 20 minutes.

Main ingredients are peppermint oil and rice buran wax, so it triples as a lip care, lip colour and eyeshadow.
Mentholatum Lip Baby Crayon Lip & Eye Swatches

For packaging, all three uses the same design and materials, only colour difference of the bottom to indicate which colour it is. It is plastic so be careful in storing and handling, especially the cover when opening and recapping, you might scrape the contents.

Mentholatum Lip Baby Crayon, Lip & Eye (Cotton Pink) Packaging
Mentholatum Lip Baby Crayon, Lip & Eye (Cotton Pink)
As you can see, this shade Cotton Pink is sheer pink, it doesn't appear obvious on my eyelids

Though on the lips, it actually seems like my natural lip colour. I love it, as it seems moisturized and makes my lips healthy and plump.

Overall look with Cotton Pink - Minimal, perfect for a soft look

Mentholatum Lip Baby Crayon Lip & Eye (Bitter Bordeaux) Packaging
This shade, Bitter Bordeaux, is more obvious to the eye and leaves a romantic vibe.

I love it on the lips, you can see how much shine it gives out. Lol.

Overall look with Bitter Bordeaux - Semi Dramatic, perfect for a night out look

End note:
On Lips - Cotton Pink didn't last long, roughly 3 hours, while Bitter Bordeaux lasted about 6 hours, if you didn't consume oily food.

On Eyelids - Cotton Pink, as I said, is sheer so I didn't even realize when it disappeared from my eyelids. Lol. Bitter Bordeaux managed to last about 4 hours, as my eyelids are the oily type.

As both products are small, I can easily bring with me everywhere, so re-application is a breeze. Plus, I got to enjoy that cooling peppermint feel. Lol.

I didn't get the other colour as I think the shade is similar to Cotton Pink. Price was about RM35-40, after conversion.

I really do hope Mentholatum brings in this range here as it is so convenient to have a Lip and Eye product together. Lol.

Thanks for reading!

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