February, my birth month

11:15 PM


Yeah, February is my birth month and it’s on the 1st too, by the way. Lol.

Fiancé and I flew off to Hanoi, Vietnam, to specially celebrate it there, accompanied by tag-alongs, his twin brother and their childhood friend, R. 

I haven’t compiled the places we visited and since I’m no natural model or shutterbug, it is expected to be a long essay. Forever my style of travel blogging. Coincidentally, I also haven’t started on my Japan trips. Special focus on last year’s Hokkaido trip. That was a gem; their snow crab is a delish!

Also I flunked my JLPT. By a small margin to the passing score. Sigh. I am still considering if I should retake in July or give myself time to prepare until December. I’m still hung up by their Listening, you only have 1 chance to listen then pick your options. Compared that to MUET, you are given 2 chances whereby they repeated. I felt damn nervous that time. Doesn’t help that I spot 3 good looking guys. 

Seeing my workload now, there will be less in depth blogging, more like a short diary entry. Product reviews will also be less, only when I am very keen aka I love the product to bits, will I post about it. 

Thanks for reading and hope I survive this work until the next new colleague comes in. Expected end of March.

P.s. the current employee is killing me with her slow mind and zero initiative. 

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