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2017 as expected had been another so-so year for me. When asked, I would rate it 6.5 on a 1-10 scale, 10 being the-best-year-I-had..which unfortunately, didn't turned out that way. I sound like a total loser. Spare me, I actually had to deal with/put up with some drama last year. Yea... 

On a side note, I had an unexpected hair makeover by Number76 Fung.

My best hair colour ever!!

You can read the 2017 post here.

My IG 2017bestnine
My IG @rika_jue

So, now how will 2018 be?

For starters, I've decided to restart my writing habit. Using a 5-year Journal, ahh a bittersweet unpacking incident. Thanks, never open my package anymore but wth it just happened again last Saturday when the mail clearly wrote my name. But wth just open my mail anyway, nothing I'm hiding. Damn, the Journal is gorgeous! Got it from Stickkerrific, link here.

I have taken the Japanese Language JLPT N5 on 3rd December 2017, awaiting the result in March 2018. Hoping for the best possible marks as I have yet to finish all chapters actually. #yolo

I will be in Vietnam on my birthday, specifically in Hanoi. Not sure how it will turn out. Hoping for a fun memorable moment lah.

Last but not least, I would like to do more blog posts on beauty, like MOTD for instance. Been mesmerized by fellow Butterflies from The Butterfly Project so I think, it is about time I spread out my wings for it. *wink

Oh before I publish this, by the way, I am engaged. Lol. runs

Thanks for reading!

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