Revlon Insta-Blush (Berry Kiss, Candy Kiss, Nude Kiss) Review

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I won a Revlon Gift Bag from an Instagram contest by NuffnangMy and Revlon Malaysia sometime back in August. Honestly, except for the 3 new Revlon Insta-Blush, I kinda regretted winning it though.

What I received in the Revlon Gift Bag:
1. A Revlon red makeup/toiletry bag
2. All 3 Revlon Insta-Blush (Berry Kiss, Candy Kiss, Nude Kiss)
3. Revlon Colorsilk in 30 Dark Brown

Revlon Colorsilk in 30 Dark Brown

I would not choose this colour because my hair is naturally mixed black brown, so I was disappointed to receive this colour. I would have prefer burgundy or light brown instead. And the other winners, I assumed received the same colour. Makes it pointless when we posted our 'makeovers', only to receive an uninteresting colour to play with. cough unicorn hair cough

Moving on, the Revlon red pouch.

The colour is a nice shade of red and quality-wise, it seems okay. BUT! The zipper feels cheap. After the first few zips, it gets flimsier and sometimes I can't zip it properly. Not going to use it always la like that.

The saving grace of the Revlon Gift Bag!

Revlon Insta-Blush in shades of Berry Kiss, Candy Kiss and Nude Kiss

I was surprised and excited to see these 3 in the gift bag. New cosmetics to play with, right?

Ugh, my first struggle with them are the plastic packaging. It was irritating as fuck, especially when the supposed 'lines' are almost non-existent. They're there but totally useless because it's either not done properly, rendering it useless or it's on the whole tube minus the head. So, I can't exactly peel it off since it's so packed tightly to the tube itself. Yeah, I was that irritated with all 3, mind you. All 3 were packed with the same poor plastic packaging.

Thank God they still look gorgeous though!

Revlon Insta-Blush in 310 Candy Kiss

This is your normal pink shade. It isn't too bright and you can blend it nicely.

Revlon Insta-Blush in 320 Berry Kiss

This is slightly on the red side but it isn't bright red too. So, you can still apply it, best to go with only one swipe and only apply more if you wanna go glam night.

Revlon Insta-Blush in 330 Nude Kiss

My least favourite because of the dark shade, so I use it as a bronzer instead. It works well though, no complains there.

Top to bottom: Nude Kiss, Berry Kiss, Candy Kiss

Revlon claims them to deliver a cream-to-powder finish which will give natural, flushed cheeks, at just one swipe at any time.

For my skin tone, I use Candy Kiss and Berry Kiss. Nude Kiss is shades darker but it works well as a substitute bronzer. Lol.

Thank you Revlon Malaysia for the gift bag!

All in, the Revlon products are okay. I do hope they improve on the packaging for the Insta-Blush though. It's no fun peeling off hard plastic.

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Thanks for reading!

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