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This is a story of why I have a new face since this month. Happy to have this new layout, new navigation, new header, etc. I'll go through one by one, then you can see what's new here.

Above is the previous layout. I guess the template got messed up and recently it only appeared in that pastel blue background. Or it's just the Mobile version.

So, after this, how is the new layout?

When Tammy told me that it was done and could I check if it is okay, I almost wish my WiFi was faster. Lol.

Before we go into EVERY NEW DETAILS, let me briefly tell you, why --- why the blog makeover happened.

Yes, this is an initiative by Tammy, Founder of The Butterfly Project and Author of her own blog: Plus Size Kitten. Follow her if you haven't ya!

Also if you would like to join The Butterfly Project, which is one of the coolest blogging community in Malaysia, click the link and register! Make sure you are an active blogger and be supportive of others.

Blog Makeover
The surprise makeover for caterpillar's blog. We'll also advise you on some basic blogging do's & don'ts.

Only for Blogspot blogs. Sorry, Wordpress or other blogging platforms. >.<

The first Blog Makeover started on 5 August.

A big difference in layout, right?

Full Album here.

In Total, there are 15 blogs for Season 1. 

Blogs that underwent makeover:

Do visit them if you have the time ya!

Tips from the Blog Makeover:

1. It's advisable not to put too many ad widgets in your blog because it will clutter and also slow down your blog's loading time. If the ads are not generating anything for you, consider removing them. Your identity is important, keep it fun by adding more pics instead of ads or redirects. You can add a slider to make your blog more interactive next time!

2.  You should include the standard basic side bar info, social media channels, a Butterfly Project community badge and an Instagram and feature post gallery.

3. When possible, make all posts became snippets so readers would be able to see all the latest posts in one page.

Most Noted Tip:

About Labels (What Are They & How To Use?)

They're for categorising your posts, nothing else. It's often neglected or misunderstood. 

Categorising your posts helps organised your blog content & let readers find what they're looking for easily. When you create a post, you have the option to add labels to it (on your right "labels").

When you create menu header for your blog, and put "Beauty", you can put your label link to it. When a reader clicks Beauty (menu) all posts with labels "Beauty" will pop out.

Pls refrain from putting all types of labels (it's not hashtags), like genting, mascara, Bali, etc unless it's the main topic you most blogged about and would like to categorised it as Genting / Bali / Mascara reviews.


Do read through the tips above and improve your blog. By making it more appealing and easier navigation, you can increase your readership/traffic.

Personally, I love it when more readers come. Yes, I blog personally about my life here, it's like an open diary. So, somehow when readers come and they read it, they will feel closer to me. Like I am not a superficial human being, face only pretty or my life is perfect. My life isn't perfect, I daresay very few people have perfect lives. BUT we live on. My writings are a reflection of that. Though I tend to skip sensitive issues because hey, why invite haters or bad reputation. If bad reputation is your way, then do it. If you can't stand the bad mouths, don't. I respect Xiaxue for being outspoken. Lol.

To date, the Blog Makeover has closed. Let's hope it continues soon, maybe after their SEO Workshop.

T.T I'm in tears that I can't go to the workshop, my Japanese test clashes on the same date and time.

But that's where bloggers come in. I'll keep a lookout for anyone blogging about it!

Now, let's go through what's been added to my blog.
This gorgeous new header

Tammy really outdid herself here. I love it! It's unexpected, I didn't inform her any specific requirement. So happy that she came out with this.

The top bar listing out Home, About Me & Top 3 Labels that I used
Yea, it's so small here but you can see it at the top of this blog. Lol.

My Blogger Profile

There is another version of About Me.
So, if you want to know me, click above ya!

A blog post now looks like this.

Label, Blog Title, Time Stamp and my usual greeting :)

I changed the font colour for my posts, earlier it was quite light, now it is easier to read. I also added a different colour for external links.

My Social Buttons: Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram

The New Badge of The Butterfly Project

This is a Must-Have for members of the community ya!

Total Pageviews is an optional for me. I didn't include it in my previous blog layout as I kinda find it depressing. Lol. Now, I guess it is okay?

Bottom feeds

I changed the earlier new layout into a Page so I can create Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

My Tips:
1. Do use the Insert Jump Break if you choose to show 5 posts. It gets tiring to scroll down sometimes to see the previous post. Unless I always visit your blog, then I know the top is the latest and the previous is a week old post.

2. There are at least 3 important Pages to have on a blog: About Me, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. About Me is introduction and what's your blog niche. If you have any special traits like vlogging, you can promote it there as well. Privacy Policy is a nice-to-have-not-that-important actually. But it does reassure your readers or anyone leaving their details to you, that their details are safe and secured. Though there is clause that I am not guaranteed of such safety. Disclaimer is a Must-Have if you are doing reviews or discussing issues. This can protect you from disgruntled readers if they also try out the products you reviewed but ended up in a bad state. You do know my skin is not the same as yours, right?

I say, my blog underwent a MAJOR MAKEOVER. Lol.

Been slow on blogging this month, will update soon about the MAKERS MALAYSIA CHARITY AUCTION FOR @SHA_SALEH. If you haven't read it, give it a quick read ya!

Thanks for reading!

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