5 Reasons why Zumba is not for you

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First up, if you are not familiar with Zumba, it involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music. The choreography is decided by the Zumba instructor. Started back in the 1990s, it recently became more popular with new classes popping out and new instructors emerging. So you have a lot to pick from, either you prefer classes nearby, a specific instructor that caters to your taste of music or the value offered.

However, how do you know if Zumba is FOR YOU? I have listed 5 Reasons why Zumba may just not be your cup of tea. Or movement.

The 5 Reasons

1. You don't like music
What singer? What song title? The only music that sticks in your memory, won't be in there forever as it gets replaced every so often with other catchy tunes. Or you don't have a favourite, preferring not to stick to a particular singer. An open playlist, I'd say. Would you bear it when a tune you don't like gets played for Zumba? If not, skip this exercise.

2. You don't like to exercise a lot
You can't understand why people stress on exercise a lot. For you, walking to and from office is enough. Or carrying heavy items. You think you have enough exercise as it is, you don't need to add this one. Good for you.

3. You can't follow the beat
With music, there's a beat. Add moves to it, your mind can't catch up. You feel disheartened as you try to keep up. As you try to cope, you twist everywhere. There aren't enough space and you might bump into your fellow Zumba goers. Thumbs up if you persist and manage to follow after a few errors. Thumbs down and you better get away, you cause harm to and inconvenience others.

4. You prefer solitude
You want to be alone. If this is you and you would prefer to crawl into bed, why are you even in that Zumba class? Because your friends made you come? Fuck that, if you are not keen on it, say NO. Save your energy and mood, instead of forcing yourself to enjoy it.

5. You prefer other activities 
Other activities like watching television, playing games, reading, drawing, etc. There's many other activities you can do, not just Zumba. Granted, some don't make you sweat or gain muscles. You may gain other skills instead.

Conclusion: You don't have to be a follower and don't feel bad if Zumba is not for you. Find other interests to enjoy.

Hope this helps those who are deciding on breaking their Zumba virginity. Lol.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This is weird, usually people promotes it isn't it? I can't help but agreeing with it though. Catching up the beat or the risk to be be disheartened with songs you don't like. hehe

    // afifahaddnan

  2. Aww... I like Zumba, but have no chance to give a try to shake cause my operated backbone just don't allow me to do so. But I do agree with the reasons that Zumba is not for those who not so into it.

  3. Thats well said. Zumba from another perspective I guess:) And it does seem too set in its order and performance.

  4. Agreed. Especially when you are the type who doesn't like to follow others and like to be solitude. Sounds like me. LOL!

  5. I love to try Zumba I heard alot about it but never really try it before.

  6. I like zumba somewhat but I agree it is too fast paced for an inactive person like me at times... But it looks like such great fun

  7. I like zumba somewhat but I agree it is too fast paced for an inactive person like me at times... But it looks like such great fun

  8. i tried once during my uni. i think it suited with me when the pace not that fast. haha semput

    followed #128

    | helloaiman |

  9. haha this post is funny! 😆 I used to do Zumba regularly years ago in college- now I have become one of those ppl who think that a 10-min walk is too far 😋😋😋 I should go back to doing Zumba haha


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