Product Review from 0.8L Malaysia: SAM & SEAN Ghassoul Clay Mask

8:30 AM

Original post on my IG: @rika_jue

I received a full-size SAM & SEAN Ghassoul Clay Mask from @08l_malaysia in exchange for an honest review.

[How To Use] After cleansing and applying toner, spread this and leave on for 5-10 minutes, avoiding eyes & mouth as instructed. Recommended use is 1-3 times a week. Rinse and I chose to spray my facial mist.

[How It Feels] This Ghassoul Clay Mask is part of the Haters Line - Damn Trouble Hater. Product made with Moroccan Ghassoul clay that claims to remove sebum, dead skin cells & impurities from the skin. Application is quite hard as the product's texture is dry-ish and clings to the skin once applied. After rinse, my face felt so irrestibly soft! My face felt smooth & not dry, instead, it's quite moisturised. Plus point: it smells great, like a soft baby powder smell.

I recommend this for people who are interested to try clay mask or are already lovers of clay mask.
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6 reads

  1. I really love this clay mask too! It smells so good and makes my skin feel soft haha

  2. Thanks for ur sharing, I will try to apply to become one of the editor.hhihihih

  3. Thanks for doing this review. I've never heard of this brand but I really like to try this clay mask. With my combination to dry skin I hope this clay mask isn't too drying for my skin.

  4. I love masks like this but have not tried clay masks in recent years. Just got myself a tub of Dead Sea mud mask.

  5. My skin is not so suitable fro clay mask coz it might be a bit dry for my skin

  6. Haven't encounter this brand however it is very interesting to try. Hope they are also available here.


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