Mid 2017

7:27 PM


It's already July, guys! How's your 'New Year Resolutions' going? By this time, it would be half way to completion. But I'm nowhere there as I didn't come up with resolutions this year, unless you count in 'Living a fulfilled life' as one.

I have to say though, I didn't expect myself to get involved in a few stuff. Learning Japanese is one of them. I am still deliberating whether I should share my experience. I am now in Beginner 3, having learnt all hiragana and katakana. Learning kanji might be in Beginner 4. I heard that if you learnt Mandarin, then kanji would be easy to handle. Lol. For now, learning more vocabulary and sentence structure.

It's true when you have pent up emotions and it suddenly burst, you can't control it. Some things are just too broken, not easy to mend, will forever haunt you.

On the good side, two nasty incidents happened. One is certain, the other, I am currently hoping karma bites them. Oh make that two karma bite them. Totally deserve it. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Whatever along that line. Lol. Please, karma, make them pay.

Okay, enough bad vibes. Supposed to use this precious time to blog something useful. But damn it la, I have only used 1 hour to type this stupid post.

T.T Does this mean I can only blog when I die? And I sound so bitter......

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  1. Oh wow! That's awesome you are learning Japanese! I would love to learn one day. I've recently started learning Spanish, but I can't imagine learning Japanese!

  2. I haven't got my resolution yet and thanks for the reminder. Karma do exist and I believe it.


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