Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone™ - in Concert in Malaysia is Postponed

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[Updated 27 July 2017]


If you are not, have never, or am not interested in Harry Potter, Evanesco! Please.

I don't need another ignorant Muggle though I think J.K. Rowling should stop coming out with new books related to the originals. Fantastic Beasts should stop. I dislike dragging the story. Until when?!

Okay, A-hem, got side-tracked.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone™ - in Concert in Malaysia was scheduled on 15th July and 16th July.
I was so excited to receive this, including my BFF's ticket.

BUT Creon Asia dropped a Stunning Spell on all wizards and witches on the morning of the 15th July.

It was posted at 7.13am on their Facebook page while on the Event page, it was 9.06am.

Incoming hail storm! Or if the upset wizards and witches had their way, Fiendfyre!

It was devastating! Careful plans, work decisions, saving up... for naught?

Now, here's the scary part. At the time of this typing, 24 July 7.44pm, Creon Asia has been eerily silent.

Yes, they haven't posted ANYTHING after that 1st Holding Statement.

Though I do hope they bring good news tomorrow. The statement did outlined 25th July as "New dates will be announced...".

Even so, they were not clear on the refund process, which Ticketpro claimed they are waiting for instructions. Instructions, which are to come on 25th July, as well. Does this bring about a bad premonition?
Meanwhile, you can have a go at these Quizes on Pottermore!

This is so easy, shame if you can't get 10/10.


Posted on 25 July, assumed hidden from timeline because it is no longer visible on their wall.
This status update was pretty much a surprise and a disappointment as ticket holders had been waiting for further updates since the 15th July Postponement Notice. With no new dates and refund process still under wraps, people were understandably upset. After a few hours, the status did not appear on the wall. I shall assumed that it was edited to be Hidden from timeline.

Meanwhile, people were commenting on the Event page, demanding requesting for updates.

Posted on 26 July.

Posted on 27 July.

Finally, the 'unforeseen circumstances' that caused the sudden postponement.

**How Did It Happen? **
1. We engaged a local orchestra to work together for this concert, all terms and conditions were finalized in May 2017.
2. On 10th July 2017, the orchestra we had engaged and paid 100% of its fees decided to pull out of the concert with no clear reason for doing so. We were left in the lurch just days before the concert was to take place.
3. Between 11th July 2017 - 13th July 2017, we tried our very best to save the show by engaging musicians from the said orchestra and other professional musicians locally and internationally.
4. By the end of 13th July 2017, we had secured a group of musicians and started rehearsal with the conductor. The rehearsal continued till late 14th July and after much deliberation, due to the lack of time to rehearse as a group, we decided that this factor has affected the performance of the orchestra greatly. We are committed to deliver the best quality performance and entertainment experience to the audience.
5. After detailed discussion with the conductor and producers throughout the night on 14th July 2017, we decided to postpone the concert to a later date in order to deliver the best quality and experience.
TLDR: First engaged local orchestra FFK (Fong Fei Kei (Cantonese: standing someone up)) 4 days before show, replacements found, rehearsed, not up to par, don't want deliver bad performance, postponed whole show.

As of now, there is no new dates available.

What are your actions?

Wait and keep the ticket? Refund and hope to repurchase once new dates confirmed? Refund and forgive and forget the whole episode?

For refunds, please visit TicketPro.

For those Ticket holders that do not wish to wait for the further announcement of the date and hope to be refunded, you will be able to contact TicketPro tomorrow from 10:00 am onwards to be guided through the refund process.
Alternatively, a form will be available for download from the TicketPro website, which needs to be completed and emailed to TicketPro to receive a full refund.

Will keep this post updated!

Thanks for reading!

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9 reads

  1. Too bad they postponed it... Looks like it's good one... Looking forward..

  2. Oh that's a bummer, getting excited and being postponed? Ggrrr I would be so stressed too.

  3. I hope the concert will reschedule on new date as soon as possible. If not, I guess all the Harry Potter fans will be very disappointed.

  4. Oh no... How unfair.. why why why... I would love to watch this also.. but no tix....

  5. OMG harry potter concert! Hope they announce something soon.

  6. I can't imagine, this would have been such a great show!

  7. Pity all the witches and the warlocks (some muggles too) that are looking forward to having a great wizarding time. I pray for the best for all of you.

  8. Oh oh...What must have happened? Fans must be disappointed.

  9. I am planning to go too but the date clashes with my trip.


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