Biotrue™ ONEday Daily lens | Made from HyperGel™

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I received this product last month and have used it twice. Time for my review about it!


The lens aren't transparent, there's a very faint green bluish colour. It actually makes it easier to see compared the normal transparent lens. Yay for that because I lost one lens from another brand and couldn't find it anywhere, ended up have to open up another lens so I have one odd lens left. Lol.

I decided to wear it out for a movie hangout. As usual, this is to test it in air-conditioned environment which can be unforgiving cold and dry. Lol. Best part after movie, decided to go karaoke. Damn freezing cold. Regretted that I didn't bring a sweater or shawl, as if my handbag is huge enough to hold them both. A good almost 5 hours in cold dry environments there. 

It was amazing!. Okay la, I did used my eye drop, but it was only once. Once and enough to last the whole 5 hours. Says a lot about the product.

I also wore it during my day trip to USJ Osaka. Straight 12 hours there too. End of the day, I was so tired while we trudged back to our AirBnB in Osaka. Kyoto-USJ-Osaka. It was so much fun being in USJ, I got to play detective and a witch. Lol. It helped that the lens were comfortable, I felt no unease and could enjoy myself.

Comfortable, long hours and after the day is finish, I just toss it into the bin. Easy right?

About Biotrue

Biotrue™ ONEday Daily lens is a premium daily disposable contact lens. Inspired by none other than the human eye itself, Biotrue™ ONEday lens is made from HyperGel™, an innovation that combines the best of conventional hydrogels and silicone hydrogels and is set to be the next generation of Daily Disposable material.

Three bio-inspired features:

•       Matching cornea’s 78 per cent water content, provides incredible comfort during lens wear.
•       Meets the oxygen level that an open eye needs to maintain healthy, white eyes.
•       The lens outer surface is designed to mimic the lipids layer of tear film to prevent dehydration and provide maximum amount of moisture compared to all major brands of daily disposable lenses in the market today, even after 16 hours of wear.

RM 125 per box of 30 pieces 
Available at all leading optical outlets nationwide

Biotrue® Multi-Purpose Solution 
Available in Twin pack (355ml x 2) priced at RM61.50 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This is such a timely read! My daughter just got new contacts. She finally mastered how to put them in. This sounds like a good brand to consider!
    xo Debbie |

  2. OMG, now I want to try this! As a long time contact lens wearer, I'm always looking for the most breathable lenses. The daily disposable lenses sound really convenient. I need to try Biotrue now!

  3. Wow this looks like a great brand for contact lens - not sure if Biotrue offer lens for those with astigmatism? I'm currently using Acuvue's Oasis with astigmatism and it's disposable as well for hygiene purposes. Acuvue's lens are tinted with faint blue tone as well for the visibility effect. Perhaps I should check Biotrue out once my Acuvue lenses are depleted ;) Thanks for sharing!

  4. These contacts sound great. I've only used BioTrue's contact solution so far. I've been wearing contacts since I was 12 years old, and only started wearing glasses occasionally when I was 18. Will definitely check these out next time. Thanks!


  5. i never tried lens in my life. it looks interesting.

  6. This is such an interesting post. I don't wear contacts, but I imagine it is very important that they are safe and comfortable.

  7. I have never worn glasses, maybe like twice because I love lenses. I use not the daily ones but usually a month ones. I just dont like storing ton of lenses in my drawers:) thanks for great tip!
    xoxo Sharka


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