The Butterfly Birthday Party X Jerlynn'L

8:30 AM


On the last Saturday of April, 29th, I got to attend the 4th birthday party of The Butterfly Project!

You guessed it!

Theme: Yellow Garden Party

Which was very challenging for me as I swore off wearing yellow clothes a long time ago. So, no yellow in my wardrobe and I actually procrastinated looking for it, assuming that the dress I bought from Lazada would arrive on time.

It arrived just on the party day itself. Lol. Lucky but I wished that I didn't bought it. Wtf.

And I had my class before that. Super self conscious even though I wore a sweater on top to cover yet the bottom part of the dress kinda revealed otherwise.

Unnatural pose from leawkwardlady T.T

No matter what, I confirm pose awkwardly one. Lol.

These two totally stole the scene. 

Top: Rawlins Glam
Bottom: Grace Myu

I was super envy seeing Grace's dress, it was like a perfect Belle gown. Major love for it during the party.

Pretty cake for The Butterfly Project's 4th party

Desserts from Hello Deer

10 best dressed winners

It was a fun party, especially the unboxing part. Love the products from Jerlynn'L which I have blogged about: Jerlynn'L | Quality, Customized child-safe, and Paraben free Products

On a side note, the party felt rushed. We only had 2 hours at the venue so I didn't mingle much, still being awkward. I did my best at smiling though. Hope I looked friendly during the party.

If you are a fellow blogger, yet to join this community, hop on to their Facebook page The Butterfly Project. All we need is for you to have a blogging passion and commitment to deadlines yea. :) If you take on a project, do finish it. Leaving it hanging will just spoil your reputation and sometimes leave a mark on the whole community too.

Full Album of the Party, thanks to Eros Si from

Thanks for reading!

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