Dear Diary #14

4:43 PM

Dear Diary,

For starters, I sound like a hypocrite, saying I don't feel like blogging much in April but hey, 10 posts, the most since January. Lol. Wtf weiyh, talk different, do different.

Anyway, there are 5,6 drafts here but I haven't got the energy to go thru them before publishing. It's annoying when I want to play games, read manga, or books or just sleep, instead of thinking that I have drafts to go thru before publishing. Yes, my time isn't enough. Not when I am expected to jump, run whenever he calls me. Woe betide if I'm slow. Honestly, I am fed up. Why do I need to bother if there's chaos that isn't directly related to me?

So I love cats. I love your pets. So?

So does the others. But they don't jump and run to break up fights, or lock doors and windows or get fucking worried when the pets are not back in yet with all these cars zooming past.

Irritating. Others don't care. Only you do. And me? I have to. Got forced into it. Why should I?

Feel like fuck it all and disappear. My comfort against your sense of responsibility. I did not trade my comfort, energy or freedom for that shit.

So yes, I don't fucking care. I really don't. Your pets, yours. Don't pull me into it. Not when you complain tired. You took them in, take care of them. Why expect me to pull in too?

Why should I?

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  1. Keep blogging because you habe blogging for a long time


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