The Butterfly Birthday Party X Jerlynn'L

8:30 AM


On the last Saturday of April, 29th, I got to attend the 4th birthday party of The Butterfly Project!

You guessed it!

Theme: Yellow Garden Party

Which was very challenging for me as I swore off wearing yellow clothes a long time ago. So, no yellow in my wardrobe and I actually procrastinated looking for it, assuming that the dress I bought from Lazada would arrive on time.

It arrived just on the party day itself. Lol. Lucky but I wished that I didn't bought it. Wtf.


Jerlynn'L | Quality, Customized child-safe, and Paraben free Products

8:00 AM


It's already past mid-May and not a blog post from me. (0w0) Seems I'm packed for this month. Just first weekend 6-7th I was in Singapore, my first trip to the Lion City. Lol. I had the famed frog porridge too. Sounds a bit yuck but it actually tasted like chicken, more on the chewy side like duck meat. No distinct smell too.

Then the next weekend was in Japan: Kyoto, Osaka and Nara. Meh tired lah. Luckily I washed my hair beforehand because the Japan trip was so hectic, I ended up not trying out any hair salons there. T.T

Andddd this last weekend, I will be in Sarawak. Gawai festival. And my hair appointment this Saturday, Yay for pampering time.

Oppss, got ahead of myself. So what products did I used before the hair appointment?

Introducing Jerlynn'L - quality, customized child-safe, and paraben free products.


Dear Diary #14

4:43 PM

Dear Diary,

For starters, I sound like a hypocrite, saying I don't feel like blogging much in April but hey, 10 posts, the most since January. Lol. Wtf weiyh, talk different, do different.

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