Selfish behaviour deserves shitty respond

12:11 AM


This is a rant post. So please skip if you prefer happy, cheerful posts. 

So, I attended Running Man Live in Malaysia 2017 at MIECC. I will post a separate post, dedicated for the event itself.

Luckily, I decided to just fuck it and bought the most expensive ticket, VIP. Mind you, it's RM759.50.. I think lah. So expensive right but I did get a nice view.

That was what I think when I sat down.

Sadly, nope.

Fuck retards decided to record videos. So the stage had nice butts and backs instead. Thanks a lot lah.

I was very annoyed but being passive aggressive, I just purposely let my foot stick out. Purpose one! So what if you got a nice bump when you passed me? Totally deserved it. Lol.

Then one uncle was recording and got nearer and nearer his bum towards me. Kindly and very gently, I stabbed the provided torch light to his waist. Gently ah! See, I'm still so kind one. Retarded uncle got cheek to glance at me. I didn't bother to look at him. He went steps further in front of me. Lol.

The security came and told these selfish retards to return to their seats, that people cannot see. Obviously people at the back can't see lah, only see your butts and backs. Maybe they could describe you well enough for criminal suspects too.

Anyway, security and crew failed. The fans were as horrible and selfish as can be. Memories mah. Running Man don't come always. Go Korea also, can't meet them.So, must take lots of videos of them.

Fuck the other people. Only their memories matter. 


When these selfish group came AGAIN, I went oh fuck it!


Then no more fucks given, I enjoyed myself.


Thinking back, maybe I looked funny. Standing on the chair and kinda danced to their music.

Love Jihyo though, she's really pretty.

Okay, that's all.

Fuck you selfish fans. Enjoy your videos. You deserve the memories. Hope virus attacks the memory or you lose the recording.

Rant ends now. XOXO

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  1. haha it's a funny rant post.
    Some people are just too insensitive and lack of common sense. There's nothing much we can do to these people.
    Just kick their butt and do whatever we can to enjoy the moment.

  2. Can kinda imagine the scene. People who take videos should only be allowed to stay by the sides of the stage.

  3. Important of crowd control, Any event without a good management arrangement with crowd control agents ends up in horrible experience

  4. good to rant to express yourself. sometimes I feel if have so nice view to see why not just sit back and enjoy. Sad knw they ruined your view.

  5. I could feel you, it's like we are paying for see their video recording BTS.

  6. Hahaha thats so funny what you did. But you will do what you have to do. Geez its a VIP ticket lah! I always got annoyed too with these kinds of people. So no wonder there are event that smartphones and cameras are prohibited.

  7. Paying so much money just to saw these retarded butt. Such an annoying situation. At any events, why there is always insensitive people too? So selfish and disrespectful. Hate to see them.

    By the way, I'm so jealous because not afford to go to the concert. 😊😊


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