Pslove:Pain-Relieving Heat Patches for Menstrual Cramps, Backaches, Neck & Shoulder Pains

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Having neck or back pains? Check your sitting posture pronto. You might be hunching instead of aligning your back to the chair.

Prolong sitting and poor posture may cause our neck and back muscles to strain and overtime, we feel the pain accumulate. If you are an office worker, facing the computer most of the day, 8 hours straight, you are more subjected to get neck and back pain as most office workers have poor posture.

Meanwhile, for the fairer sex, period cramps are evil. I kid you not. My first day is horrible; the day I wish I can just lie down but no, I still need to change or leakage... TMI. But, not all females face this. Some do not experience painful cramps while menstruating. Lucky them..

So, Pslove has generously provided me with three each of their pain-relieving heat patches. Each are specific to either backaches, neck/shoulder pains or menstruation cramps.
The 3 heat patches

"Each product is carefully designed to fit the contours of your body. We've calibrated the heat released to suit the intensity of pain to be relieved, with MenstruHeat being the hottest, followed by BackHeat and NeckHeat." - Pslove

AND I have a PromoCode and a Giveaway at the end of the reviews!

"Our product relies on an exothermic reaction within the pouch to emit heat. When the ingredients (iron powder, carbon and salt) inside the pouch comes into contact with air, a reaction is triggered and heat will be emitted."- Pslove
Package arrived, all products tied neatly together.
Personalization when I received the products. It's nice when people get my name spelt right. :)

Included are also instructions leaflets for each product.

Let me review them with the exception of the MenstruHeat. I'm saving it for my period soon. Cross my fingers that it will bleed come this weekend...


Pslove has designed NeckHeat to release a slightly lower heat, compared to MenstruHeat, because our skin at the neck and shoulder tend to be more sensitive. If you press hard on those areas, it will become reddish. 

Informative packaging on the front and back, even showing the Expiry Date.
To get another opinion, I used it on my bf. Lol.

He's been having neck pains and using heat patches and ointments to soothe it. So, I asked if he would like to try NeckHeat.

"Ah, why not?" Lol. Tore the top of the packaging and the product heated up after about 7 minutes.
The NeckHeat's shape reminded me of a boomerang. Lol.
I decided to split the NeckHeat for a more flexible use and because his shoulders are broad. The medical-grade adhesives are only on two points, at the corners, instead of spread out on the whole length. After 4 hours, I checked on him about it.

"Feels okay, heat just nice. Not too hot. Plus no smell."

Man and their few words.. At least, he did gave a good remark.  He took it off afterwards and decided to leave it overnight in an air-conditioned room. Next morning, there was still heat from the patch. I guess this means that it can really last up to 12 hours plus, as claimed. And, yes, this NeckHeat is odourless. No worries if you're worried about smell.

The only problem is since it's medical-grade adhesive, it doesn't have strong attachment to the skin. Maybe should add the surface area of the adhesive to stick better.

Rating: 4 stars

Price: NeckHeat RM 7.64

Pslove has also designed BackHeat to bend to fit the contours of your back with extended heat distribution across it's wings so that you get maximum comfort and relief.

Informative packaging on the front and back, even showing the Expiry Date.

I chosed to try this BackHeat as I've been having backache.

The adhesives are on the wings.

It fitted my back's contour nicely. As it heated up, I felt soothe and totally forgotten about the backaches I had. I took it off before sleep as when I leaned back, the heat directly touched my skin, which got a bit uncomfortable. Like the NeckHeat, this was also still warm the next morning.

Same problem with the NeckHeat, I hope Pslove could increase the adhesive's surface area as this moved around a bit when I stretched my back.

Rating: 4 stars

Price: BackHeat RM 7.64

Heat therapy is clinically-proven to relieve menstrual cramps. MenstruHeat is designed to fit ergonomically and quickly emit an optimum level of heat to relax the cramping uterine muscles.

Informative packaging on the front and back, even showing the Expiry Date.

For MenstruHeat's review, I will update when I have the chance to use it.

Price: MenstruHeat RM 7.64

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Prize: One (1) each of the products above
Duration: 15th April - 22nd April
Winner Announcement: 24th April
Steps to enter:

  1. Open to Malaysia only. Prize to be posted to Malaysian address.
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Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

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  1. I'm completely sold at the menstrual cramp heat patch! I need it! Oh wait...I was supposed to say why I want this giveaway right? Because I too suffer from demonic cramps of hell on the first day of the bloody tsunami...T.T Btw I did follow all the following pages...weeee!

  2. I want to win this giveaway because when my period comes, it arrives with the cavalary, gloriously riding in on horseback is not just the usual menstrual cramp, but also a combination of neck pain, back pain, and overraction of 'Oh god, I'm bleeding! I must be dying!'

  3. The NeckHeat is a good product. With this product, I save my energy massage for my hubby. I want this so much.

  4. I need this in my life. Being the office girl who rarely stands up, I always have neck and back pains. Thank you for sharing. Will get me those asap.

  5. Will give this a pass and let someone who has need for it to win your prizes. All the best, everyone!

  6. This will be good for travelling. Compact and easy to used!

  7. Will pass on this giveaway but this product sounds interesting. I really need one of those for neck pains though

  8. I think this is what I've been looking for!

  9. Never heard about this brand. Looks promising. Later can check and try this one

  10. You got me on menstrual cramps! Lol I badly need this in my life!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. I would like to know if this is available in the philippines? thanks :)

  12. I saw at Japan they are selling this kind of products too! Now we can easily get from pslove website =D

  13. Didn't know about this until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  14. Thanks for the infor, I heard of this brand and wish to try them too.

  15. I would love to say Bye to Menstrual Cramps & Backaches!

  16. I'm having cramps every period. Heating pad does seem to get the job done. I haven't heard of heating patches though. I wish we have that here.

  17. Oh this is pretty interesting. Heating pads do seem to assist during those times. They are quite comforting as well.

  18. This looks like something I need.. lets try it out and see if it can be the remedy to my woes...


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