Of Emotion (React) and Rational (Respond)

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Been pondering on this and still am at the writing of this post. I guess until it is published too.

Ever wonder if you are reacting or responding?

Google's meaning of REACT:

respond or behave in a particular way in response to something.
"he reacted angrily to the news of his dismissal"
synonyms: behave, act, take it, conduct oneself; More
respond with hostility, opposition, or a contrary course of action to.
"they reacted against the elite art music of their time"
(of a person) suffer from adverse physiological effects after ingesting, breathing, or touching a substance.
"many babies react to soy-based formulas"

Google's meaning of RESPOND:

say something in reply.
"she could not get Robert to respond to her words"
synonyms: answer, reply to, make a response to, make a rejoinder to
"they do not respond to questions"
say in response, answer, reply, rejoin, retort, riposte, counter
"“No,” she responded"

Both above doesn't really explain why I am pondering. So, here's a RESPOND vs REACT, also from Google:

React: Your child breaks something. You immediately react by getting angry, perhaps yelling, upsetting the child and yourself, worsening your relationship, not making anything better.

Respond: Your child breaks something. You notice your anger reaction, but pause, take a breath, and consider the situation.

The example above for React is what's happening so frequently. Every time, a negative incident is known, people decide they should give their 2 cents. This is usually words of anger, disgust, physical threats or the viral share.

It makes me wonder, what happens if the do-er is innocent but due to bad assumptions plus viral shares, the do-er is already guilty? Why are we so fast to judge someone as wrong when we do not have the full story?

Even the recent dog abuse case frightens me. Most people are telling to boycott his business. What happens to the innocent staff then? Do they deserve the side effects? You might say that they should quit and get another job. However, we do not know their situation or why they choose to continue working with him.

A more recent incident is the United Airlines incident which has gone viral with a video. When I read the incident, I was naturally angry at first. The indignity. The unfairness. Where's his right? Boycott the damn airline, they don't deserve our money. To hell with them.

There are more incidents like this. Incidents that pull at our justice. Pull at what we think is right.

But how do we respond?

The dog abuse case could be handled by reporting to the relevant authority. Sure, they might need the social backup but I see no need to viral it to the point of harming his business. What next? Wait for the actions taken against him? There should be a lesson learnt from this incident.

Why did he did what he did? Sorry, mouthful that. Lol.

Maybe he has anger issues. Maybe a bad experience before by a dog, another dog.

There are some people voicing how they have been attacked by dogs.

Why so?

Dogs don't just appear everywhere. They were once owned. Then dumped when they are no longer needed. Really, I hope there will be a way to track back stray dogs to their owners. It's time the owners get punished for dumping their pets. It is worse when the dogs aren't neuter or spay. They breed and the never-ending cycle of living on the streets pass to the pups. This is same for other animals. I especially hate people who dump cats.

For the airlines case, there should be more options to handle why airlines do over-booking. But when the passenger is not voluntary to it, since he has already boarded the plane, I do see that the airline is at fault. However, couldn't it have been avoided? Like, couldn't someone else voluntary give up his seat? I felt that the incident was a selfish one. He got picked, he has to get off the plane, he demanded to remain on board. And all that while, no one volunteered to replace him. Irony much? The airline is at fault and so are the other passengers. No one wanted to get off. So we have a great incident. Nice.

Well, those are my opinion.

Thanks for reading.

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