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When I filled up the Google Form to RSVP for The Butterfly Project's 4th Anniversary, one question took me on a walk down memory lane.

It was post after post of happenings that involved the community.

So, I thought why not share with whoever reads my blog readers, with a brief summary of each post too.

Kinda vague, I think I signed up in 2013. Can't be sure though as I just decided on a whim to join. And I can't remember how I found The Butterfly Project too. Wtf my memory that bad. T.T

Oh, just saw back this post 'The Butterfly Project Community: Project Philips', might be my first post about The Butterfly Project! So, I found the community through Bag of Love. Lol.
First post, memories of writing that post.

My first gathering in 2013: Butterfly Project's High Tea X Serverfreak
First time met up with fellow bloggers. Signed up on ServerFreak with the domain:

Not really open about my competitive side but yeah, I wanted to win so badly that I gave my best for this. Lol.

The Great Guardian Make Over "My Date with Beauty"
My first makeover. Lol. But I didn't like the heavy eye makeup. I felt much better after removing the eye makeup.

The Butterfly Project's Christmas Dinner- 23 Dec 2014
It was fun meeting up with fellow bloggers and exchanging gifts too!

Failed being consistent with the reviews... T.T
Gift exchange and I really hope my receiver love the assortment of masks I gave.

For this year, there will be TWO parties!
The first one would be an exclusive birthday party hosted by brand friend Jerlynn'L. The second party would be in May hosted by The Butterfly Project.

Upcoming this Saturday, 29th April. I have already RSVP for this Saturday and am very excited! I already have my flower crown and it is gorgeous. For the dress, I am still very undecided as I personally think I look paler in yellow tone clothes. So, I'm sourcing for hints of yellow clothes. Lol. I'm being procrastinating as always. Wtf.

The Butterfly Project's Birthday Party
Party Theme: Garden party, Yellow dress, Flower crown

Also, Upcoming Party on 20th May. I won't be joining this one as I would like more bloggers to attend.

FOUR YEARS! Wtf eh wait I think my relationship with bf also almost four years? I think lah, can't be sure now since we kinda estimated the beginning. Lol. Anyway, trivial that.

If you noticed by the end of posts, I inserted this logo of The Butterfly Project.

Now, there is a new logo and the website is currently under construction. The new domain name  is
New logo of The Butterfly Project

Can't wait for it to be livelier once up and running. More fellow bloggers to meet and know. And well, I am still awkward when meeting strangers/new people, I do hope you don't mind. As I want to avoid first impression, I totally do no judge people until more meetings with them or reading up how they write. However, I really dislike bloggers who do not take their writing seriously. Or do not bother to read properly. These type should be ashamed to call themselves as bloggers. Shit, ranting suddenly. Better end now before I start blabbering nonsense.

Thanks for reading!

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13 reads

  1. Nice post with all the highlights!

  2. Really feel sad that I can't attend for this Saturday's party... but I will definetely looking forward to May as I really want to enjoy the party woth other butterflies 😔😣😔😣

  3. I will be attending this Saturday's party. I still don't have a yellow dress yet. See you there.

  4. many events that I missed and could not join because I have no time for it

  5. Enjoy your party! Been a Butterfly for some time but I never get anything, no news, etc. LOL

  6. Wah. You're been butterfly since 2013? So long. Come to think about it, I join the community back on Christmas 2014. I really love te community for not being bias for new blogger at that time :)

  7. Cracking my head on what to wear for tomorrow's event! Hehe

  8. i'm not good with strangers as well. but i guess just practise more and you'll be fine ;)

  9. Lovely highlights of the Butterfly Project dear and last weekend's party seemed really lovely too. Can't believe it has been 4 years already <3

  10. Wish to join this The Butterfly Project community one day too :)

  11. Transform a lot! Nice post with the highlights

  12. Ahh I missed out Butterfly Party on last saturday! Must be a blast, I must join it next time! :D

  13. I missed out last week Butterfly Party coz I have family trip on that day. Hope to join their next event.


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