My First Experience at Pet Fiesta 2017

9:00 PM


On 15th April, I dragged bf along to Setia City Convention Centre. Both our first time exploring this area, well, my 2nd time actually. But that was a brief visit with my sister.

We came about 12PM and almost got lost finding the correct venue. Lol.

Malaysia's Largest Indoor and Outdoor Pet Fair 

Pet Fiesta 2017 Venue: Setia City Convention Centre Hall 1 & Hall 2, Shah Alam

Pet Fiesta 2017 Entrance

Event schedule

Photo booth

There was a Lucky Draw booth near the entrance

I got Media Pass!

Entrance Fee: RM5 per adult (FREE for children below 12 and senior citizens aged 60 and above).

There was lots of owners that brought their pets. Some in strollers or prams, some walking, some in very cute clothes too.

Somehow, we ended up heading towards the dog area.

It was quite crowded as most owners brought their pets. There was more dogs to other pets in the hall.

There was also a feline competition.

I didn't stay back for the winners' announcement though.

There was food trucks but limited choices available.

A buggy service was provided from the venue to Setia City Mall.

Bf bought lots of cat food. It took us two trips to the car. You could guess how much was that amount of cat food. Though, I'm sure that supply won't last until 3 months. He was also interested with a new product at the event.
Litter Robot

Lucky cats... He also bought treats for them. I sometimes wish that I'm a cat, found by him. Would love to be pampered everyday. Just eat, sleep, poop and be cute and fluffy for him. Lol.
 The caricatures were so alike to the owner and pet!

Literally catdog at Pet Fiesta 2017
CatDog, a cartoon show on Nickelodeon

On the spot Grooming Service at Pet Fiesta 2017

Not to brush issues aside, there was a case involving a dog trainer during the Obedience Trial. Official statement here. As this is under investigation, I will no comment further. You can just google it yourself okay.

Since this was my first experience at this Pet Fiesta, I do have some pros and cons.

Bright side of the event:

  • Entrance fee was affordable. Plus children below 12 and senior citizens get to enter for free.
  • So many booths! Where to go, which to stay and linger? Lol.
  • Many pets! Even reptiles also have. Though I'm a bit afraid so I didn't touch any. T.T But bunnies and cats and dogs. I really don't know where to look. 
  • The prices! Okay lah, this because it's a fair. Normally, prices tend to be lower than shops.
  • Spaces between booths were satisfactory enough. And mostly people move along, maybe still finding out deals.
  • Last day was the best, many last deals going on. Even Royal Canin was giving out Free Samples after 7.30PM

Downside of the event:
  • No leaflets of the event highlights provided. Yes, not even at the entrance. Maybe, don't print, save paper?
  • Owners pushing their pets in prams. Most were attentive, some were not, so I had to be careful while browsing the booths.
  • Owners with big dogs. The dogs were very well-behaved. Just sometimes, a few of them got excited, sniffed or kinda walked too close to others. Since I'm okay with dogs, I didn't flinch. But I did saw some people, some kids, who were obviously apprehensive when the big dogs went near them.
  • Pets that peed or pooped. This...I cannot. Some small dogs that I saw had pampers on them. Some didn't. Most big dogs weren't wearing them. And well, some owners didn't pick up after them. I had the unlucky chance of seeing pee stains on a booth's board and some poop on the floor. 

  • Ticket counter could inform that the schedule can be found online, on the event page. I would appreciate this very much.
  • There were some big prams so could restrict these. Smaller prams were okay.
  • Maybe a caution beforehand, that there might be big dogs coming. So, parents and guardians can prepare their kids or whoever that comes. It's actually a life learning to actually see big dogs. I love husky and don't mind being near a bulldog or doberman, any dog breeds. But not all people would dare being close as they would worry of unintentional attacks. Oh, I didn't see any shiba inu or akitas. T.T I missed the gatherings.
  • Owners should look after their pets. Organisers can provide bags and gloves at the entrance. Pity the cleaners lah. I saw 4,5 of them weaving through the crowds, literally taking care of shits. If anyone steps on them, wtf havoc lah.

I found the event page by accident when I googled for it afterwards. Previous visitors were mentioning how this venue was smaller compared to past venues. As this was my first time attending, this was valuable feedback for me. Hope the organiser takes note of it.
Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Photos are from Pet Fiesta 2017 Photo Album unless my watermark on the photo.

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  1. save the tree save the planet ...

  2. Must be very enjoyable can see a lot of pets! Just wish those pet's owners can be more responsible though.

  3. I love pets, especially when they are still small! I never try to take care of pets too, I guess the bonding will be great if you starts to own one =D The event is so much fun, I see all the photos posted!


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