Of Preferences and Profiling or Stereotyping

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If you're The Stars news reader, you would have read the article by R.age about racist rentals. If you haven't, here's the link.

It got a lot of comments, divided between yes, the tenants/potential tenants and the house owners.

You might have missed another article from Vulcan Post Malaysia. I shared it on my personal Facebook. Here's the link to read.

It's about an employee's (from the post, he/she is assumed to be holding the HR post) view when hiring future employees.

That article also got lots of comments, mostly bashing the person as a racist, bigot, pitiful person.

Now, why do we have this term 'racist' close to us? Why do we fire up our engines immediately to give our 2 cents or just to condemn that 'racist'?

Some are saying it's ridiculous to see people only by race. Some are saying that's not giving a chance at all. To judge a person purely by race.

R.age made a stance that it's not about race. It's about house owners rejecting potential tenants the moment they knew the race of the person thru phone. By not giving a chance to meet the potential tenant in person, the house owners are effectively rejecting only by race.

Their point is to give every potential tenant a chance. That, no, they are different than whatever prejudice the house owners had or maybe experienced from other past tenants.

This is similar to the hiring employee. He should interview all potential employees. Who knows, there might a hidden gem.

Now, how many hours do we have in a day? To meet each and everyone of these 'potentials'?

Let's say, you as the house owner received 10 calls in a day to view the room. 8 confirm the viewing date and time. Then out of that maybe 3 are really interested to rent. 2 said they can't, they are interested but the conditions don't meet their requirements. The only 1 left decided not to rent. House owner has to continue looking for tenant.

The scenario above might happen, it's just a possible scenario.

Actually how many of us have back up plans? If this place doesn't work out, I have another place to search.

I really don't understand why the term 'racist' rentals exist. Just because a few house owner state Chinese lady, Malay lady, Indian only, as their preferred tenant,  mostly everyone is fired up.

Eh why no Bumiputera Sarawak and Sabah a? Iban only, Dusun only, Kadazan only. Lol. This firing accusations and holier-than-thou against the house owners should stop.

Yes it happens. Do we need to blame the house owners for it? Do we need to condemn them, in order for them to stop doing it?

My opinion is if you don't like it, move on. Keep on searching. Same with your job. You move on from a failed interview. Do you have a choice? Yes, you do. It's not like you fail one, you have nowhere else to look. You can always think that they are the one losing you. For not giving you the chance. No need to fire up your gun and fire at them for rejecting you.

Instead, when you do get the room, when you do get the job, prove that you are different in a good way. That you are grateful for the chance of having that room, that job. At least you have a roof over your head and a job that pays the bill. And thank you GST. If you're driving, hope no petrol rise.

So, all in all, this term 'racist' is ours to progress from. That's their choice.

Our choice is to know it exist. To let it demotivate or motivate us.

Which are you?

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment below, would like to hear your views.

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  1. To me is simple...we are all human kind. Don't see people as their skin color, look , language and even their belief. Just see them as a person and individual. No need to judge people. Get to know them. You will be surprise.

  2. If we don't get rid of 'racism' in this country, there's no way to progress further. Sad, but it's hard to change the mindset of people when they've already grown up.

  3. For me we are all equal. After all we will all get old and (die) eventually. So why keep on dividing each other rather than work and live as one in a community?

  4. Everyone is equal in my eyes... unless you are deem not to be respected....since you are an aweful person... otherwise I respect everyone even the indonsian maid or Bangladesh worker... no one is superior

  5. I just knew about this and quite surprise to see some countries even have their own act against people who refuse to rent due to race. It truly is a big issue. However, like the ibilik manager say, it come down to comfortable. It is sad to see people become racist simply because for their whole life, they didn't try to know or be close with other race and stuck with common stigma. I knew Malays were the one who were more like this since quite a lot of chinese and even indian went to normal sekolah kebangsaan and public universities thus then we got to know each other than the other way around. I'm blessed during my degree that I got to live with others race closely and yeah, cleanliness is not a genetic predisposition. People have to start to know other race and stop having any stereotypical views clouding the process or else they can't see how racist they are. I agree that we gotta just try to move on, look for more places, change job, but I still have to spread awareness about it. We still have to try to makes things right.


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