Of Opinion and Threat

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First, this is my opinion on a matter and there is freedom of speech, unless I threaten your life or your business. Either than that, feel free to read til bottom and if you have comments, do leave them below. I will, maybe, have time to read them later.

If you're in the blogosphere, meaning you blog or you are a reader of a blog or you are into the Korean bands MONSTA X, BTS and EXO, you may have come across the Twitter incident.

What Twitter incident, you ask?

Xiaxue, arguably a controversial Singaporean blogger, twitted a tweet that has the Korean fandoms of MONSTA X, BTS and EXO foaming at their mouths. Or getting thumb pain by the amount of 'comments' they have been leaving on Xiaxue's Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

See, she happened to be on the same flight as MONSTA X. Not knowing this, she saw their fans, making a lot of noises. Piqued with interest, she googled what is this Korean band, that has girls, pre-teens, maybe young women, screaming at the top of their lungs out.

Then she saw their photos and she tweeted her first impression of the band.

Which has angered the fans.

Tbh, the word she used is derogatory, worst than saying homosexual or gay. Yet, I think she couldn't have thought of a better word at that moment as her first impression.

First impression does matter, you see.

Well, that was her opinion about the band.

And in comes the angered fans.

What I don't understand is the level of immaturity of them. Not all went witch hunting of Xiaxue but the ones who did, are a miserable bunch. You can bitch about her face, her blog, her popularity. 

However, a line is drawn when you decide to include death threats.

Not only towards her, you decide to include her family. *slow clap

The most distasteful is a photoshop picture of her and Dash on a grave. How.... graceful of you, not.

Now, what will you gain from making threats?

Other than causing the public to view the fans as sick, immature fans, I don't see a point.

Xiaxue has always been controversial. It's actually among the reasons I like to read her blog, now her Dayre.

The fans should have ignore her tweet. Or if they must have a say, say then that the word is uncalled for. But remember, an opinion is an opinion. You can't really force someone to change their opinion unless it is factually wrong.

Honestly, seeing the immature fans' comments has set me thinking what has become of society. What are they learning, to leave death threats. Or to have the time to comment 'You're ugly', 'You're plastic', 'They're more popular than you', etc.

Get a life, seriously. Go on fawning for your Korean bands. I don't think her tweet will suddenly make you unable to like your idols.

So yeah, opinion and threat?

Fucking differentiate them.

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  1. Not a reader of Xiaxue, not a fan of any of the Korean bands that you mentioned. Yeah, agree with you about drawing a line but then these are probably hormonal teenagers. Too old for that drama.

  2. kinda immature things they did there. if i was a fans, i will like, whatever.

  3. well said ! Everyone has their freedom to voice, but not to threaten!


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