My Wishlist with Shopback MY: Ladies Version

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Last month was my birthday and also Shopback Malaysia, me being 20-something while it’s Shopback’s 2nd Birthday!

Why not come up with a fun Wishlist and who knows, Shopback Malaysia might grant ONE item from my wishlist. I’m excited to get started!

But before that, are you new to Shopback? New user a? Don’t worry, Shopback so easy to use. All you need is stable internet connection and check if your merchant is listed on Shopback. By the way, Shopback has 300+ stores listed, that’s a lot so sure can find your store online.
Sign Up/ Log In pop-up window

You can view your details by clicking at the top right.

This is your Cashback Information.
This shows my cashback from my Lazada purchases.

I’ve been using Shopback whenever I shop from Lazada, usually for office supplies like printer toners. I always forget to use Shopback when I shop on Althea. T.T Which is too bad since I sometimes buy on impulse there. I could get cashback from it but yeah, always forget to log in Shopback first.

By the way, you can refer your friends to get RM5.

So, how does Shopback work?
The popular merchant stores

Let’s see how I use Shopback for Lazada. This is the pop-up window.

A new tab will open.


Because it links to Shopback. If you do accidentally closed it, open back Shopback and click again on Lazada. If you forget this step, your cashback won’t be tracked and you earn nothing. Cry river also no use after you checkout/payment.

You’re on Lazada now, get ready to shop!

And so starts

My Birthday Wishlist: Ladies Version

I want this because it’s cute and the design is artsy. Enough said. Lol. Oh also because it will be a pleasant eye candy.
Lazada Price: RM 795.00

Hmm, I think same reasons as above. Lol. Though this one has a simpler design.
Lazada Price: RM 791.00

This I want if I can! I want a long coat. Nothing connected to Goblin okay though I don’t deny that the Korean drama did kinda make the long coat looked cool.

How is this not cool?!
Original poster:

If the above two bags are artsy, then this is my go-to simple casual. Plus point that it’s a Carlo Rino, my all time favourite brand.
Lazada Price: RM 359.10

…I’m in love. The design and overall look scream stylish to me. Lol.
Lazada Price: RM 253.60

End of Ladies Version. Stay tune to Beauty Version and Instax Camera Version soon!

Hope Shopback Malaysia will grant one item on my wishlists.

Thanks for reading.

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10 reads

  1. Belated Happy Birthday! 💓 great finds and great style for your bags and coats

  2. All the best to you in this contest. I am loving your choices of bags!!

  3. Nice wish list, been a member for shopback for a year already and I love the rebates I've been getting.

  4. I like the Carlo Rino bag more!

  5. Hope you get something you love

  6. I love cashback! Omg, it was actually so easy to use.

  7. Using an app to shop and you get a chance to have an item on your wishlist is quite enticing. I'd love to have a new laptop.

  8. That is one gorgeous long coat there! I want one too, a guy's version.

  9. Wow all the best! I hope they grant your wish

  10. great list indeed! I like them all, wish your wish comes true!


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