My Wishlist with Shopback MY: Beauty + Instax Camera Version

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I did mention in My Wishlist with Shopback MY: Ladies Version that I am also doing a Beauty Version and Instax Camera Version. I think I better combine both since I'm not really a fan of photography; if the picture taken looks good, then all is fine. Lol.
And if you have read that post, I have shown how to get cashback using Shopback Malaysia.

In case you are new to it but I wouldn't want to repeat the same contents here, please do watch the Youtube video above, done by Shopback.

Let's cut the chase and do some much needed retail shopping. Lol.
By using Shopback, you can earn up to 8.0% cashback.
Take note of the terms stated here.

As you can see (click on image if small), New Customer earns 8.0%. If you haven't use this before, lucky you! I'm an Existing Customer so I'll get 2.0% cashback.

You will be directed to Sephora.

REMEMBER not to close.

If you do accidentally close it, open back Shopback and click again on Sephora. If you forget this step, your cashback won’t be tracked and you earn nothing. Wasted time shopping when you could have earn while shopping online.

Ohh, the pretty products in Sephora.

If you're a Sephora fan, I'm sure you know how Sephora sometimes do early sales online for certain products, especially new brands. You can get them earlier than the outlets minus the hassle of lining up to pay. Hopefully the outlet isn't crowded too. I can't stand a crowd, making my shopping experience less satisfying as sometimes these people don't look where they walk. Hey, I know you're excited to swatch that lipstick but could you be mindful of your surroundings? So far, nobody step on my feet. Not that I'm asking for it lah.

Thank you, Online Shopping! Thank you for existing!

And thank you, Shopback! One more reason for me to shop online. Lol.

Eh eh, dramatic out of nowhere.

I welcome you to read my Wishlist below. Get ready as it will be personal choices. Lol.
Don't care, I'm selfish and vain.

Beauty Version
Limited Edition Disney's Beauty and the Beast Get Glowin' Kit
Sephora online price RM524.00

A beauty indeed.

Though at the time of this post, the fate of the movie is as yet unknown. Please, please let it be screened in Malaysia. Been anticipating, suddenly being withhold like this is damn cruel.

The movie aside, this is a unique brightening serum combining three powerful serums in one to brighten skin, improve tone and texture, and boost overall radiance.

'Vitamin A improves skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark circles, while chlorella refines texture, invigorating dull skin and minimising the appearance of dark spots. Hyaluronic acid that is hydrolyzed delivers long-lasting hydration and ensures deeper absorption of following treatments. Skin Inc’s Patented Japanese seaweed encapsulation technology allows the effective delivery of three-in-one potent serums, which are activated on contact with the skin. The concoction is encased in a yellow bottle, inspired by the hue on Belle’s signature dress.'-from Sephora

The product is indeed dreamy. Wouldn't mind if Shopback grant this one wish for me.

Possible Cashback:

Serpentina Eyeshadow Palette
Sephora online price RM226.00

When a product is limited-edition, I tend to waver around it until the yearning fades. Somehow, this is taking time to fade. Lol.

As it features ancient Egypt, for me, it's somewhat mysterious. With jewel-tone hues too, unlike the other Kat Von D palette. Definitely able to create many looks with this palette.

Possible Cashback:

Medium Metal Train Case
Sephora online price RM229.00

I am only about 40% thinking of having this, just to store my makeup. For now, my makeup is here, there, everywhere, as long as there is no danger of them falling and getting damage. So, I have been thinking of this but damn, it looks boring. The overseas one are more colourful with some having pretty designs too but it might not arrive as shown online. T.T I can't stand to risk that as the prices are similar ranges. Sigh....

Possible Cashback:
That ends my Wishlist with Shopback MY: Beauty Version and I could earn RM19.58 cashback by purchasing the above 3 items.
Let's finish with showing my Instax Camera Version.
Note that I may have done this on a whim. Feel free to stop reading.

Instax Camera Version

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Gudetama Combo Kit  
Lazada price RM 378.00

The Gudetama love is hard to resist... If you're a fan and don't own an Instax yet, do consider this combo kit.

KEEP/(Wedding 16 item) Fujifilm Instax Camera Hamper Mini 8 Black
Lazada price RM 499.90

This hamper is great as a gift.

KEEP/Season Greeting 12 Item Fujifilm Instax Camera Hamper Mini 8(Raspberry)
Lazada price RM 438.00

I should really consider getting a gift like this for close friends. Lol.

That's all for Instax Camera Version and I didn't state possible cashback as Lazada has a different percentage.

Hope Shopback MY grant one of my wish here.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Interesting! What a good news for shopaholic like me! Thanks for sharing!

  2. i love the idea of instax camera too, but never own one.

  3. Good luck for both of us! I joined this contest too, may luck be in our way hehe.

  4. I like your instant camera list!!! I wish I could have that hamper, too.

  5. I've heard of this Shopback many times! I rarely do online shopping so I've not tried it yet.

  6. what a great wishlist! I love the Limited Edition Disney's Beauty and the Beast Get Glowin' Kit too. it looks so pretty!

  7. I just saw a similar Shopback wishlist post earlier. I've heard of it before and your post makes me regret I didn't try. I should on my next online shopping. By the way, that beauty & the beast serum is the bomb!
    Mica | There's More to Mica

  8. some of the items listed is something i would want too!! gonna check out shopback! hehe

  9. Oohh I want to have the SKin Inc limited edition Beauty and the Beast! Please take my money!

  10. Oh my.. I want this too... that gaudatama instax is too cute

  11. Insta camera is my wish list too.good luck to you!

  12. the instant camera so cute ! a nice choice for gift :)

  13. Good luck to you~ I also joined this contest too. Jom! We do cross fingers! Hehe :D

  14. One of my favourite websites for online shopping, really like its features :)

  15. All this wishlist are so cute! It like all the girls will definitely love this wish list <3

  16. Ekkk, its so you babe. i cant imagine you wanting these products to be yours. I should add the kat von d to my wishlist too.

  17. I also wanted to own a instax camera long time ago too! All the best Rika ;) cheers, Sienny

  18. Wow! all the best to you. Hope that your wish is granted.


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