My Wishlist with Shopback MY: Beauty + Instax Camera Version

9:00 PM

I did mention in My Wishlist with Shopback MY: Ladies Version that I am also doing a Beauty Version and Instax Camera Version. I think I better combine both since I'm not really a fan of photography; if the picture taken looks good, then all is fine. Lol.
And if you have read that post, I have shown how to get cashback using Shopback Malaysia.

In case you are new to it but I wouldn't want to repeat the same contents here, please do watch the Youtube video above, done by Shopback.


Better Together Cheek & Lip Makeup Bag Set Review

9:00 PM


I actually received this lovely pouch before my trip to Lombok but I ended up not bringing it. Think it's because the pouch looked too pretty to be crushed in my luggage and later when I returned from there.

So here's my not-so-late review of this.

P.s.: Honestly, I wouldn't have bought this, if it's not because of the pouch design. The products left much to be desired.. >.<"


Of Preferences and Profiling or Stereotyping

12:30 PM


If you're The Stars news reader, you would have read the article by R.age about racist rentals. If you haven't, here's the link.

It got a lot of comments, divided between yes, the tenants/potential tenants and the house owners.

You might have missed another article from Vulcan Post Malaysia. I shared it on my personal Facebook. Here's the link to read.

It's about an employee's (from the post, he/she is assumed to be holding the HR post) view when hiring future employees.

That article also got lots of comments, mostly bashing the person as a racist, bigot, pitiful person.


My Wishlist with Shopback MY: Ladies Version

7:30 AM


Last month was my birthday and also Shopback Malaysia, me being 20-something while it’s Shopback’s 2nd Birthday!

Why not come up with a fun Wishlist and who knows, Shopback Malaysia might grant ONE item from my wishlist. I’m excited to get started!

But before that, are you new to Shopback? New user a? Don’t worry, Shopback so easy to use. All you need is stable internet connection and check if your merchant is listed on Shopback. By the way, Shopback has 300+ stores listed, that’s a lot so sure can find your store online.


The Plant Base: The Purity of Nature

11:30 AM


I got to try out two full-sized Korean products. Both products use Bamboo Extracted Water

Bamboo Extracted Water?? 

Say Hello to The Plant Base.

The Plant Base

Honestly, have you heard of this brand? It is actually available on Hermo. Prices range between RM 121 - RM 55. Quite pricey but some products are having 15% - 29% off.

Worry not, at the end of this post, there is a special discount code for my readers. So keep on reading!


Of Opinion and Threat

1:00 AM


First, this is my opinion on a matter and there is freedom of speech, unless I threaten your life or your business. Either than that, feel free to read til bottom and if you have comments, do leave them below. I will, maybe, have time to read them later.

If you're in the blogosphere, meaning you blog or you are a reader of a blog or you are into the Korean bands MONSTA X, BTS and EXO, you may have come across the Twitter incident.


Restore your skin's youthful radiance with the New & Improved Hada Labo Lifting & Firming range

9:00 AM


On 21st January, I attended a launch of the New and Improved Hada Labo Lifting and Firming range. Held at Roofino Skydining & Bar, KL Trillion, it was a great January event.

Truthfully when I got the invitation, I was skeptical. Roofino= Roof?? With Malaysia's unpredictable weather? 

But the fear of rain was met with great sunny weather on that day. Maybe it means that the product is great until the weather relented to the sun? Who knows. It was a fun day for the products' launch as the natural lighting was good. So bloggers and social media butterflies alike could enjoy the launch then some OOTD shots with the amazing backdrop of KL. Not every day that you get to have all this: Good lighting? Checked. Amazing backdrop? Checked. Great weather? Checked. Plus you wore a nice outfit? Checked!

This New and Improved Lifting and Firming range is targeted for women above 30. 

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