Dear Diary #12

1:50 PM

Dear Diary,

Can you believe that it's already almost the end of February, my birth month?

The most memorable thing I did this month was treating myself to an amazing hair appointment. Luckily, I got to redeem a birthday hair treatment. Just hair coloring- medium and hair rebonding - medium cost a bomb at rm600++. rm400++ for rebonding. Lol.

Gotta say ouch when I saw the receipt. RM600+ and I won't be seeing the salon until 3 months later for a hair treatment again. Yes, I made it a point to at least treat myself to that within 3 months.

Other than that, the Lombok trip. Half half. I got irritated because it was the rainy days when we were there and going on muddy roads with rocks? Bumpy adventure ahead. Doesn't help when I'm the youngest and I have to silently give way to older people... I was also lethargic, not sure is it because of the incoming menstruation but yeah, I became drowsy and just wanted to sleep. Not helping when there's 5 of us. I thanked bf for sacrificing and sitting at the back seat so I could get some shut eye.

...and I actually have some beauty products to show off. Yea, bragging rights but I couldn't make the time to get the damn product shoots going. There's also stuff from last year that I'm hoarding somewhere, by now, screaming me to use them or they would just be 2,3 years pass their manufacturing date. Which I'm wondering, what if they pass the manufacturing date, can they still be used? Lol.

I have one beauty product incoming from Italy soon. It was great when I first confirmed I got it. However, after reading the translated reviews on the site, I am worried on the packaging status. It seems to be just stickers. Granted, it is not a high-end brand. Quite medium range and affordable here to get the brand's products. But as it was tied-in with one of the hottest anticipated movie, coming March, the demand for the brand became crazy.

I kinda regretted that I thought of sourcing for it. I thought it would be smooth flow, no hitch. Now, I just feel like a burden instead. Sigh.

Anyway, I'm also disappointed with my Facebook friends. I did a status about a book exchange but it was so miserable. But as promised, two books going out. And no books coming to me. Feels pointless to do it when I thought it as that but fuck it, I will send out my favourite books to them. One is a classic favourite of mine. I wish I could find that thick read again but I seem to only find the thin version of it now. Another has been made into a TV series so I hope he/she enjoys it.


Nothing extraordinary, barely surviving.

Bye, diary.

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