PABLO Matcha Cheesetart Launch

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I received an invitation to Pablo's Matcha Cheesetart Pre-Launch on 7 January 2017. It is officially available starting from 11 January at their Pablo outlet at One Utama. This cheese tart is made of the top Matcha, Uji Matcha together with Shiratama (a type of mochi, glutinous rice flour) and Adzuki bean (dark red, sweet bean paste). Personally, I love this combination. Slightly bitter, chewy bits and a burst of hidden sweetness - absolutely yummy!

See those round white balls? That's shiratama. And the dark pieces are adzuki bean paste.

There will be a thin jelly-like layer on the surface. This is to keep the cheese contained.

Freshly Baked Matcha Cheese Tart with Shiratama & Azuki- RM 49.90

The large size is enough to feed 4-6 people. Recommended to eat within 2 hours of purchase for freshness. You can consume it the next day too. Honestly, I think it tasted yummy even after a week. Lol. 

Matcha Cheese Soft Serve - RM11.90

I didn't get to try the soft serve yet, I heard it's also delicious. I will make it a point to try it when I visit One Utama.

Sabrel Cheese Matcha - RM36.90

Sabrel is kinda like a cookie, it's crunchy. There is a matcha cream filling between the cookie, which tastes slightly sweet yet still has that bitter green tea taste. I could binge on this but I treasure all 9 pcs in one box. A special treat for days I need it. Lol.

OMG, this is my favourite!

 Matcha Cheese Frute with Shiratama - RM15.90

I actually bought this over any of Pablo products. Reason: their Pablo mini were sold out. If not, of course I buy Pablo mini, it's the reasonable option to eat on the spot when they first opened. 

But Pablo mini is always sold out when I visit, even on this launch day. Bad luck ah? Lol.

This Matcha Cheese Frute is my heaven! I love the slight bitter matcha, the hidden chewy jelly bits, the adzuki bean cream on top and the shiratama on the cream. Perfect combination for me! Especially when I mix the cream with the matcha. Though I would suggest to have the spoon-straw for this drink as I couldn't get the shiratama easily. Otherwise, I love this frute so much!

Members of the media were also treated to a Freshly Baked Chocolate Cheese Tart. As I have eaten this before and liked the taste as it was creamy rich chocolate, I decided to pass it on to a friend.

Do drop by at Pablo One Utama to get their Cheese Tarts. If you're lucky AND early, get their Pablo mini!

That's all. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Been hearing so much about Pablo these days that I am curious to give it a try. I went to their 1U outlet but the line was way too long by then,lol. Will attempt a second try the next time round, most definitely.

  2. Wow those are delicious food right there, i mean all green, i never eat green stuff before, thanks for sharing

  3. I miss the cheesetart. will definitely go back for more hehe

  4. Yeah, my favourite brand for Matcha cheese tart, craving for it now lah!

  5. The pics make me hungry and crave matcha lol


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