#IWillBeOkay Beauty Bag by Fiona of Street Love

9:08 PM


This beauty bag is Fiona's 2nd burst for her non-profit project, #IWillBeOkay 'Fight Against Depression' Awareness Campaign. Her first was a T-shirt line, launched in May 2016.

Depression is no joke, it can kill. You can read her experience on finding out here and why she started the campaign.

I got interested with this beauty bag when I saw this post of hers.

Pic taken from Fiona's instagram.
Yes, Physician's Formula got my attention. Who would skip those happy colours?

So as soon as the subscription was open, I immediately bought one for myself.

The products in the bag for RM99 (exclude postage).

For full details of the products in the beauty bag, you can refer her blog post here.

The Binge also did an interview with Fiona, read here. I find it an inspirational read and can't wait to support her 3rd wave, which will be a fitness activity!

My #IWillBeOkay Beauty Bag

Honestly, I suspect having mild depression or maybe I should get myself checked. Just this morning, I woke up from a horrible nightmare, crying. My 2nd crying nightmare. The 1st time might be caused by losing my pet cat in October. It was depressing and I cried every time I missed him. Now, I could remember him without the crying. But we found kittens again. So it might be me worrying of their fate. No thanks to fucking irresponsible humans who just dump their pets when they are no longer small and cute. Fucking humans go die lah. Excuse the profanity.

Anyway, swatches and review of each product will be in a separate post.

Thanks for reading and let's support her project.

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8 reads

  1. Yeap depression is really hard to go through. Great thing she start this with great caused!

  2. Lovely beauty bag! Wish for no more depressions ok

  3. It's not easy to fight depression..This is a very good awareness campaign... And nice bag!

  4. Nobody understands depression except the individual. Surround ourselves with happy and positive people and hopefully, that will help us to go through our problems better.

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  6. kudos to Fiona Street Love for her efforts here... love the bag and too bad it is finished.. would have loved to get one of those....

  7. This is awesome, and the concept of this beauty subscription has its root cause. I love it. I hope in the Philippine they do it too.

  8. Wow the bag is filled with aweosome goodies. If you suspect a mild depression, i think should seek advice rather than drag it.


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