Dear Diary #11

1:04 AM

So I skipped November, no posts at all that month because I was feeling so shitty that I just couldn't be bothered to type anything.

Then December came and suddenly, I am alive. Lol. No kidding, I felt more energetic and went out more.

Maybe it's because of the blogging events plus the Butterfly Party at Publika. How could I be grumpy when there's a gift exchange, where I get to do good? Everybody at the party was flowing with good vibes. I was still awkward though so meh.

Anyway, maybe December was a kinda okay month? It wasn't like the previous months, I don't feel upset or angry much. There were some bad moments but I think not as bad as previous ones.

Oh there was one bad moment, almost at the end of December. It got me feeling upset because of the enthusiasm in the words. Thankfully, it's settled. I hope. If not, I'm stupid lah!

Then a surprise from my BFF. I was shocked and upset. Like wtf, people can be so idiot ones a?  I really wanted to choke the guy, If only... 

To cheer up my BFF, I decided to bring forward our date. A good choice too because I don't want her to feel crap going into 2017. Like wtf man, hope the guy and girl die lah.

Okay, enough spewing hate into Diary. Sorry, Diary that I've neglected you last month. Sumimasen!

Oh, forgot mention. I'm taking Japanese Beginner Class, starting this Sunday. Can't wait to start as this has been one of my dreams to learn Japanese seriously. Bf being smart, saying by the time our trip in May, I should know how to read and talk decently. Lol. Challenge accepted. Actually, a good reason for him to drive me down and maybe hangout more with friends, instead of staying home and hibernate with Pc games. Lol.

Bye, Diary! Wish me the best.

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