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I am just going to make this brief then continue playing my ipad games/read my book/continue binge watching Korean dramas. Watching Goblin/ Legend of the Blue Sea yet?

So, new year eh?

2016 been so-so, actually not my favourite year. Honestly my diary posts reflected how turbulent it was for me. 

But 2017? Heck fuck, I am putting down my foot and glare at fate/luck/ whatever you wanna call it. Courtesy sake, I will refrain from mentioning any deity/divine beings.

I arranged a few stuff, stuff to look forward to in the first few months. Though I am dreading half month mark.

Nothing else, fuck new year resolutions. I'll just go with the flow. If I want to eat clean, if I want to be healthier, if I want to blog more. Lol. Let's just live. 

Yup, I am gonna live this 2017.

That's all.


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  1. I also watch Goblin and I really like it especially yoo in na and lee dongwok's love love line. Hehe. I also watched LOTBS but I stop watching because I'm not not that into the story lol

    - much love, Mariel


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