Big Bad Wolf Books Sale 2016

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I just received the most awesome notification this morning! 

I won a Preview Pass to Big Bad Wolf Books Sale 2016! The Giveaway was hosted by The Binge on Facebook. AND this is my 3rd consecutive win since 2014. Books, do you love me THAT much?

Don't know what the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale is? Read on to more.

Every Bibliophile's Heaven! 

Bibliophile - a person who collects or has a great love of books.

Big Bad Wolf Books have been having their sale since 2009. Seldom a disappointment, book lovers can find the books they want, at a great discounted price too.

This year, they even started going to Thailand and Indonesia, spreading the book heaven to more hungry readers. I'm hoping they will go Sarawak/Sabah next year. Please wish hard for this to happen.

There's also a Wolf Pack Membership, whereby you will get awesome benefits, Exclusive Member-Only Bookmarks, RM5 Off every RM100 spent and more. Sign up here!

Guilty as charged! I bought so many until I couldn't keep up reading.

Make your own Pledge here.

Big Bad Wolf Books have been listening! Now there is help for bulk purchases. Contact to arrange your shopping.

Doors open at 7AM on 9 Dec 2016 Friday. Preview Pass holders get to enter on 8 Dec, 7AM. Honestly I have pros and cons for being early. 

Pros: You get less human traffic, books are arranged neatly and you get to grab a limited copy of your fav author. 

Cons: You might miss out on new additions to the book sale, which happened last year and you also might miss out on additional great deals later.

Unless you are willing to go for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th trip and that new addition/deal is so irresistible, go ahead. Don't stop the book lover in you. Lol. 

Now most of you are seasoned Wolfs, you know what happens during this Book Sale. There are new Wolfs coming though and I want to help them by listing 5 Must Do to ensure smooth book buying. AND enjoy the new books after the sale.

5 Must Do

1. Pick your time wisely. This is at MINES, where it is guarantee to be traffic heavy. Preferably non peak times are 11PM - 5AM (weekends) and 11AM-4.30PM (weekdays). 

2. List your books. Or you are a random book lover. Please note that you might not find your books there. So be open minded and maybe give that plain book cover a chance.

3. Bring your luggage bag if you intend to buy a lot. This is easier later to collect your books, put them at the Storage Area (put your unpaid books here and grab more books), go grab a bite upstairs to fuel up and when paying at the Cashier. Box don't come with handles, trolleys are not for you to take home. They have awesome Helpers, just ask and they will help you to your car.

4. Be aware of your surroundings! No one likes to get poke, toes run over while buying, neither do you. Yes, that book got your attention and your luggage/trolley/children also needs your attention. Please make the environment pleasant for everyone. 

5. What happens when you decide to not buy a book? Try your best to track where you find it. I know this is very hard as you might have wander around and totally forgot where you find it. Lol. Happened to me but I managed to find its place though I spent a good 30 mins looking. You might be holding the last copy and deprive someone of their book. So try your best but if that fails, please pass it to a Helper. They will try their best to locate too.

Hope new Wolfs find my list helpful. 

Come and enjoy looking for your books.

See you there!

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12 reads

  1. This event is so suitable for those who looks reading. Will share this to my geek friend ahaha. Thank you :)

  2. Alright I will share this to my friend's who love reading.. but not me. Hahaha

  3. I really love Big Bad Wolf sales. Will grab some children's books there.

  4. great book warehouse sales! I will go there to buy lotsa books too

  5. I was offered a preview pass but I declined. My haul from BBW six years ago is still left untouched! LOL

  6. great event! i should tell all my friends who love to read!

  7. Yes, I am going there again for greater bargain, thanks for sharing :)

  8. Wow! This is such a great place for Book lovers. Need to check out soon.

  9. Thanks for sharing these tips for this sale event. It will surely be a hit with book readers

  10. The event is quite interesting ! I have been there before ! I got a travel book only at RM10 ..damn cheap ^^

  11. Oh nice, I have heard that the sale was quite interesting. Will definitely pop by next year - there is always time to get new books :)


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