Dear Diary #10

9:00 AM

Dear Diary,

I almost forgot writing in for September and October is soon ending.

So by now, I don't remember much about what happen last month. I might mix September with October incidents.

There are a few unhappy ones. But before that, I will try to recollect my memories from Dayre.

First happy news was that I got to attend another event by Femalemag, one of my fav magazines.

Also, it was a chance to go to TREC KL. 

Oh last month was surprised with a Lombok trip coming February next year. *sweats 

And I look horrible in my bikini. Oh well... Nothing motivates more than playing on the beach, right? Lol

There are 3 new kittens in the back alley. One looks like munchkin and is so adorable. One is ET, T-chan called him that. One is a reversed black white version. And the neighbours are complaining about their poop smell plus their potted plants being dug up. Urm, what do you expect from strays? Expect them to be born with litter trained manners?

And they only complained. Why not be the effort and help put the kittens up for adoption? Don't expect me to do it. Later every new kitten shows up and I have to do the adoption for your peace of mind?

Last month I decided to cut short my hair.

It was tiring to tie it up, even more tiring when I had to rush in the morning.

... Damn, was writing this and now I feel too shitty to continue because I need to rush somewhere. FML.

Continue in next post then.

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