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Remember the event I attended last month? If not, quick read here.

"I was generously provided with 2 boxes of Lacelle Diamond Daily 10 pieces to try out, chose Aqua Glacier, my favourite blue. Haven't got the opportunity because I am a spectacles kind of lady, I just love the convenience of putting on and taking off my spectacles. But yeah, I hate how my foundation will 'move' to my spectacles. So, I usually wear contacts on special, very special circumstances. Plus, my eyes are very sensitive as they are quite dry due to the unforgiving air conditioning and weather. I will update a product review later."

This was the last excerpt from the event post.

So here's my review.

I got to wear the contacts on two different occasions last month, in a span of three days to test out if my dry eyes are comfortable.

The first day I had a movie with T-chan, his twin, twin's gf and friend. I think lah. It was last month and I'm forgetful. Lol.

I felt great! Usually my eyes would be irritated within 3 hours. I dislike wetting them because my eyeliner would get smudged or I have to apply more concealer. Confirm got tears after wetting my eyes.

Not when I was wearing these contacts. Literally, for that whole day, even after the movie, yep, in that air-conditioned movie theater, I did not have to apply eye drops. Win liao! No need for my Rohto rescue. I was wearing it for approximately 12 hours that day. That long and no need eye drops? Definitely I was happy.

However, to try it a little further, since it is a disposable contact lens, wearers will mostly wear it daily lah. So I decided to try it on the next next day. Lol. This time though, I only started wearing it in the evening, after visiting my parents, I had a date with T-chan.

My iris looked bigger~

Again, my eyes were comfortable and we had fun until night time too. I would say about only 4 hours wear for that day. Shorter time frame but considered that I just wore it 2 days ago, I estimated that my eyes would be dry until won't feel comfortable. Surprisingly, still okay wearing them.

Do consider these contact lens for your next purchase, readers! Retailing at RM42 per box for 10 pieces and RM110 per box for 30 pieces. Plus you can get in 2 other colours.

Thanks for reading!

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