Product Review: Peripera Peri's Ink Minimini Set Girl's Cabinet

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Peripera Peri's Ink Minimini Set Girl's Cabinet is newly released in Malaysia and I got mine from Sasa and Watsons.

It's a set of 4 mini inks and 1 BB cream, including the Limited Colour- Cute Qurtz. There are 4 sets: Pink, Blue, Silver and Hot Pink. All sets will have the Limited Colour ink while the other 3 mini inks will vary. The BB cream is same in all sets, in Bright Beige. More details below.

Let me show you what's the contents of  Blue and Hot Pink.

First up: BLUE

The packaging is eye-catching; you won't miss it on display!

Comes with a sticker to DIY your cabinet, means no cabinet will be the same.

INK Limited colour Cute Qurtz
INK 3 No Way
INK Moist 3 Top Red
INK Velvet 1 Sellout Red
INK Drop BB 2 Bright Beige

Swatched from BB cream, Sellout Red, Top Red, No Way and Cute Qurtz.

Another cabinet is Pink but I didn't choose that. Contents are the same as Blue though, so just choose your tin colour!

Next is: Hot Pink

This totally caught my eyes at Sasa. How can you resist, that colour plus the design?

Also comes with a sticker for DIY.

INK Limited colour Cute Qurtz
INK 5 No Spoiler
INK Moist 2 The Cutest Pink
INK Velvet 3 Incrush Orange 
INK Drop BB 2 Bright Beige

Swatched from previous BB cream inwards is No Spoiler, The Cutest Pink and Incrush Orange.

There's another colour, Silver, but I suggest if you like the contents, Hot Pink is a better choice to decorate your vanity table. Lol.

I haven't got enough time to try out all 8 inks (yeah, a lot for one lip Lol) so I can't judge how long lasting they are.

After the swatches, it was not easy to clean off so I guess they do last long and won't fade fast. There is a slight sweet smell but barely noticeable. The BB cream matches my skin tone, which would match Laneige Cushion Foundation shade #13 or Maybelline BB Cushion Foundation shade 02 Light.

My favourites are The Cutest Pink and Cute Qurtz, which have a pinkish shade.

Price: RM90.10
Sasa is currently having a sale until 31st August and you can get 10% off for this.

For more news on Peripera, follow their Facebook page: Peripera Malaysia.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Product is bought by me for my own use. Review is my personal opinion. Pictures are mine otherwise stated. If any contents are used, please credit back to original post.

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  1. The packaging looks so pretty! Great as a gift! Would love to try it :D

  2. So cuteeeee.... thanks for the swab, the colour looks good and moisturising too.

  3. Wow, I like the packaging so much, the colors are great also :)

  4. The packaging and colours very nice, if put in your lips should be more nice

  5. Peripera Peri's Ink Minimini Set Girl's Cabinet is so nice set! I wanna buy too but it's not cheap oh

  6. Oh gosh, I so love the packaging! I want to get them only because of its cuteness!

  7. Love the packaging and the colours but am not exactly great at using these yet... huhuhu

  8. I love pink too. The colour so sweet ler.

  9. Nice! Cute packaging too! Would love to try them all.

  10. The packaging is so fancy and I like it. Is easy to bring as the products is small.

  11. Wa you got so many color to play with! I tried their peri ink lip tint, it was quite good just hard to remove ><

  12. I'm loving the packaging...and...I am honestly thinking of expanding my stash for my lips...

  13. such cute packaging but they look more like sample sized products than actual sized ones o.O Are they sold really that small?

  14. I feel nowadays a creative packaging is must to attract customers.

  15. This is such a cute product.. Nice leh

  16. The color looks shiny and glittery. Not bad you can use it for party:)

  17. love the hot pink ^^ can i have 1 pls

  18. their packaging so nice and cute!!!I would like to have one!!

  19. I really like the different shades of colors. I like the packaging too.

  20. wow so many colours to choose from! would love to explore.

  21. These tints are so cute!! Curious though! Was the BB tint meant for creating gradient lips :O


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