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Photo from The Butterfly Project


Imagine coming up with this first sentence in one hour? Or 2 weeks. All because you want to be different than the other blog posts. Lol.

Yes, my creativity is getting worse. No thanks to abandoning my ‘planner’ idea and reading less stories. Don’t count in newspapers because they are depressing. Or unless you count watching movies as keeping the creativity alive. Or wait, it’s my writer’s pride kicking in, telling me to show just how prideful my writing skills ‘used’ to be. Whichever. 

So why am I publishing this now?

Well, the post is due this weekend. Haha *weak laugh and pulls out Stitchy, my trusted Toshiba.

Okay, let’s kick start this blog post with a picture.

This was how it began.
Photo from The Butterfly Project

Date : 11th June 2016
Venue : Whup Whup, Subang Jaya
Duration : 2-4pm

Arriving at the venue, which is hidden unexpectedly amidst warehouse-like buildings, you wouldn’t notice that there is a good place for food here. Hmm, scratch that, it is around warehouse/factory plus Whup Whup was a former factory. Nevertheless, this venue has an intriguing layout due to its former use.

Photo from Canon Camera (Malaysia)

For that special day though, you would have thought you walked into a Rilakkuma café. :D

Photo from Canon Camera (Malaysia)

Every table had one Rilakkuma and there’s a childlike size too. Bloggers had fun taking selfies with them. Me included. Even took some short videos using Boomerang. Lol.

This Rilakkuma wanted to drink the coconut on the table. Stubbornly too.

Photo from Canon Camera (Malaysia)

Sandy Lee from Canon gave the opening speech for the event, about how the lightest camera, the Canon EOS M10 combined with Rilakkuma, will make a more memorable travel adventure. 

The concept, ToyTravel (AKA Nui-Dori), first started in 2014 and became popular because heck it, it’s fun to make toys imitate life. Remember Toy Story? Cowboy Woody and Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear. Then Cowgirl Jessie. I especially loved it when Jessie came into the movie. A 1999 movie, yet we are only imitating toys now? Oh wait, some are already doing it but with social media becoming more accessible, it’s the IN trend. Lol.

Photo from Canon Imaging Asia

Why not make your photos better for social posting then? Canon has great ideas for this, which you can read yourself here. It's a basic guide on how to take cute nui-dori pictures.

For more information on the specifications of the Canon EOS M10, click here.

The price is reasonable at RM 1,999 and there is a limited edition 24cm Rilakkuma bundled in. #whilestockslast

Then surprise! Rilakkuma walked in.

Photo form Canon Camera (Malaysia)

I think it’s the same Rilakkuma from the Japan event at One Utama few months back. Still adorably cute, even now. This time I could touch it though. Not a stalker but it might be the same Rilakkuma…

After the appearance of Rilakkuma, bloggers had fun doing 3 activities to earn surprise gifts, which included the photos of that day, a pink T-shirt from Canon and our own 24cm Rilakkuma (yes, the same one that you will get if you buy the Canon EOS M10) to bring home.

3 lucky bloggers won prizes like the Canon Pixma printers and the exclusive EOS M10 x Rilakkuma bundle box. The best dressed blogger won herself a 110cm Rilakkuma. *controls envy

Event ended happily as everyone enjoyed the meet and greet session with Rilakkuma. Yes, he came out again. Bloggers could take pictures with him, being so adorable. I resisted to hug him, afraid he might fall… Actually, that might be cute too. *evil laugh

Okay, how about you readers? Want to win yourself a Canon EOS M10 Kit (EF-M15-45mm) x 24cm Rilakkuma bundle box and start your own ToyTravel?

Join Canon’s ToyTravel Photo Challenge on Instagram/Facebook!

1. Follow @CanonAsia Instagram or Canon Imaging Asia Facebook
2. Take a picture according to the theme using your favourite toy, any of your favourites! Post on your Instagram/Facebook (PUBLIC ya or they can’t track), hashtags #EOSM10Rilakkuma and #toytravel.
3. Three themes going, one month to capture your best ToyTravel photo. First theme already going on and ending soon so faster take a good picture!

For more details, click here.

Here’s mine:
Rilakkuma enjoying IKEA's famous meatballs.

Have fun joining!

Thanks for reading.

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23 reads

  1. cool.i want to win a Canon EOS M10 too.i'll be joining soon!

  2. i also want to get one :) rilakuma my fav toy

  3. I have entered this contest and I hope I win. If not, there will be two more chances to try my luck!

  4. hey your lappy/pc got a name? thats too cute!

  5. wanna win this - too cute to be missed! good luck to all participants too!

  6. Didn't talk to you during the event! But Im glad that we got to see the cute Rilakkuma and it was really fluffy to actually hug on it! hehe

  7. Awesome event to attend with cute mascot! Wish I can attend it to have a photo snapped with the cute mascot too :)
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  8. my bear bear!!!i love rilakkuma!!!So so so cute!!

  9. funny that you are telling us your preposting thoughts, as bloggers sometimes we really are stuck on ideas huh. anyways, why didn't I see you there, it was a fun event, love the big size rilakkuma so much

  10. Rilakkuma loves Ikea's meatballs? Great stuff Rilakkuma!Please make sure he tries the chicken wings too ok. Hehe

  11. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the event! Love Canon x Rilakkuma colab

  12. Hmm would be pretty sweet to get another camera!

  13. Such a fun event, I like Rilakkuma so much also :)

  14. I have a lot of fun in the event.So sad i cant walk away the lucky draw..haha

  15. Fun event. Rilakkuma is cute as ever and Canon is one the best brands.

  16. I love canon camera so much. I hope I can win one of it as my next year birthday gift.

  17. Oh you were at the event too! Such a cutesy bear to bring along travelling :) good effort from canon

  18. I did so miss out on this event... I really wanted to go but had something else on as well... you are all so lucky to have gotten such an adorable Rilakkuma.. now if only I can get the Canon Camera.. I would be over the moon

  19. I wish to win the camera 45mm . Trying my best to post the beautiful photo for the contest.

  20. Nice event.Regard I can't attend this event! Cute Bear!!! Gud luck everyone with the giveaway!

  21. I thought they were gonna serve Rila Kuma food too! like maybe RK latte art? haha but cool, hope to see more of these stuff :D

  22. Was out of town when this event happens. Missed the chance to go... Thanks for sharing anyway


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