Product Review: KocoStar Home Salon Hair Pack

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Remember my postings on Instagram about a Bake and Shop Party with The Butterfly Project X Althea Korea?

Well, I received my parcel from the event a few weeks back and tried one of the product. I NEED that product; it was an emergency after getting well from illness. Lol. The event post will come later; planning my contents.

Yes, I am gross out myself to admit that I neglected my hair. Plus I bleached my hair so I need extra care but I'm lazy! Lol.

I had no energy to shampoo, much less condition it. Felt so uncomfortable but my tiredness won.

Luckily, I ordered a hair product during the event!

KOCOSTAR Home Salon Pack

It’s even the Editor’s Pick on Althea. Priced at RM20.
(unbelievable deal from Althea, normal price is RM55 *wink)

A bright pink packet, with a lovely lady design; buy lots and decorate your vanity table. Lol.

The hair pack contains hair repair essence (collagen, keratin, soy protein and elastin) with thermal solution, which opens the hair cuticles for better absorption of the essence and quite manageable to put on by yourself. I tried doing it with my long hair. Almost fail but I managed. #achievement

As usual, I shampoo my hair. Then let it dry a bit. Applied the mask on damp hair, secured with the sticker. Surprisingly, it was very secured, no slipping or loose pack.

Waited for 5-10 minutes. I used that time to play some games. Lol.

Rinsed with lukewarm water.

From oily, frizzy hair, I got smooth, nourished hair!

What sorcery in just 10 minutes. And with the great bargain from Althea, I’m repurchasing this for days when I need extra loving care for my hair. Lol.

Here's the link to purchase. Althea Korea

And if you are new, you will receive an additional RM5.00 discount when key in my Referral Code, on top of the RM15 new sign up credits when purchasing. Sign up here

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Thanks for reading. Bye.

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21 reads

  1. This is such an interesting product! Great for home hair treatment

  2. The hair look nice! How I wiah I have time to do this...

  3. Interesting! I wonder how will it works on my blonde hair. :D

  4. I think i need that repair essence. i have been trying so many product but nothing suits my hair.

  5. I think I should get this also, it so convenient especially when we travel.

  6. I have a friend who is also suffering from bad hair day, almost everyday. I will recommend her to try the product. Thanks for sharing

  7. Tried the product before and I love it! Easy and convenient. =)

  8. Yeay life saver for dry hair user like me =D This is really convenient to use, too!

  9. I want to get it too. To care for my hair.

  10. this thing works like magic huh. would love to purchase more of these products.

  11. wow!!! I would like to try it!!! Nice product!!

  12. I saw this on Althea before but was scared to try it. Thanks for the review!

  13. Interesting! I need something like this for my dry and messy hair. Would try out.

  14. the results seem not bad. RM 20 is such a deal!

  15. the hair pack home saloon right i need to get this for my hair also..awesome rika..

  16. Wow, this home saloon hair pack is useful for those lazy people like me. Just some simple step , I can get instant result .

  17. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  18. What did you secure with the sticker? Is it like a shower cap?

  19. Thanks for the review, my dear. I rarely do hair spa. Sounds like a great product. I should find my time to check out Althea.

  20. definitely been looking for these products for sometime and been meaning to try it out too, good review


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