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9:00 AM

Hi! Sorry for the long absence, I had a string of illness for the past weeks but finally! I’m cured from fever, 100% (shit don’t jinx this).

No one likes dry eyes or even strained eyes. We need them in proper working condition to see, else how are we going to function properly. Trust me, I’ve started having dry eyes since started working two years ago. How I miss University days; we don’t really face the screen all the time, except a few gamers/Korean dramas addict. Or maybe for e-books? Thing is, we are facing a lot of screens now and we want our eyes to work almost 24/7. Lol. It’s like padan muka lah mata kering kan. (Translation: dry eyes because you deserved that)

But it’s not just the screen, yea, before you go on a digital detox, even smoke, dust, haze and air conditioning system make your eyes dry/irritated.

So for a day, selected bloggers got to experience clearer vision with Rohto® eye drops. They also brought back two products to try out, giving them the opportunity to better test them.

There are 3 products, Rohto® Cool, Rohto® Aqua and Rohto® Dry Aid.  Bloggers received Rohto® Cool and Aqua. These two can be applied while wearing contact lenses.

Rohto® Cool Eye Drops comes with a unique cooling formula, providing an instant cooling sensation, which fades away, leaving a refreshing feeling on the eyes.

At first, I felt a sting when applied. Generally, first time users will feel this. But don’t let that scare you, this stuff really works! It actually helps you to tear up, wetting your eyes. A great solution for weary after lunch periods. Lol.

Rohto® Aqua Eye Drops provide a fresh, gentle moisturizing relief to the eyes.

I love this, it’s gentle and moisturizes my eyes. My vision got clearer after application too.

Rohto® Dry Aid Eye Drops effectively relieves dry eye symptoms and enables long lasting relief.
Each product is priced at RM16.90 and available in all leading pharmacies and hypermarkets nationwide.

Get Rohto® Cool and Aqua for your daily eye drops, even the packaging is simple yet stylish, better than the standard boring bottles you see on the shelves. 

For more information, click to their website.
If you are not a fan of gross zombies, practice caution.

A big thank you to The Butterfly Project for this event invite!

Thanks for reading. Bye.

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