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Last month, I got the greatest opportunity.

Attending The Butterfly Project's 3rd Birthday Party on 30th April! Together with Althea!

"The Butterfly Project is a community for beauty and lifestyle bloggers and social influencers. It's a place where like minded individuals in the pursuit and passion of sharing their personal interests, experiences and reviews could gather and exchange ideas. The community started out with one key goal - to mentor and empower female bloggers through a series of experiential activities called projects. Being passionate about what you do and inspiring others in the process of it, is what sets the community apart from others. 

Connecting brands and bloggers together, we believe this duo combination would create a wildfire of imaginative experiences to be read by millions."

My first meeting with the other Butterflies was at a High Tea event with Serverfreak. Also the time that I registered for this domain name www.rikajue.com and since then I have never, ever deleted my blog. Lol. 

In 2014, I attended The Butterfly Project's 1st Anniversary at Lasertag eCurve. That was a fun-filled event and our Butterflies proved that we could pack a punch.

Now it's our 3rd get-together, I'm still a bit shy but I'm getting there, even took the jump with getting my blog name card (should be ready by mid June). I've met bloggers, opened up to them and really, their happiness washed over me, warming me up and the sincerity in their writing. 

Honestly, I prefer solitude, I find that I get stress out in a crowd and I dislike loud people because I couldn't understand the hype at all. Yea, I prefer a good book, curl up into my bed sheets and laze the day away. That was how I spent lazy afternoons mostly. 

I couldn't remember how exactly that I found out about The Butterfly Project, why did I really decided to join this community, was it my love of reading, the writings that intrigued me? I can't say for sure but join it, I did and my writings took on a new life.

I love reading, so much, well if the contents interest me lah, lol. It's too bad that I can't read Chinese though. I can manage some Malay writings, provided I know the slangs and I pushed back my GrammarNazi for English writings. Please please proof read your writings whenever possible. I do get tired of skipping the mistakes and just stop reading when the mistakes are too horrible to skip.

The past months have been emotional draining on me, to the point that I just wanted to stop blogging because I don't feel the joy, the joy that I pour into my writings. I can't write when I feel upset. That would just spoil my writings.

But I was wrong. Writing it out felt good. So damn good! Lol. True, I can't write about everything that had happened but it felt good to write it down somewhere. I can't be bothered with pen and papers now, doing that would mean at least ten pages long of nonsense stuff. Lol.

So in a way, this blog is my place. And I'm happy that the community is three now! 

In case you forgot, this was supposed to be an event post. Lol. I tend to go on about other stuff first. Well, back to the event!

The event was by invitation only. Butterflies needed to post a selfie on Instagram, telling why they wanted to go. I was very very lucky to get the invitation. Then got unlucky because I was feeling unwell. Lol. I still managed to come plus attended another event in the morning. And also I was moving out that day. Phew, I wondered how I managed that day while feeling half shitty. Lol.

It was a rainy afternoon, the perfect afternoon to sleep in. Lol. Arrived by Uber ( got lost even though using Waze....) and I thought, shit, I'm late, going to be embarrassing to walk in with everybody sitting down and someone talking. Maybe.

Ha ha ha. Malaysian timing, I should know that I can trust on that. :P

The event was held at Glasshouse at Seputeh, an event space by Su, which is also the place for Delectable by Su. Our food that day was served by them. Love the terrariums most, it was all so cute and detailed.

Everyone was given an Althea pink box, with a mini pink apron inside and a deco kit for the BB cushion. Once everyone had their drinks and it was time to start, the emcee of the day, Dee Leonard and the founder of The Butterfly Project, Tammy, started the party.

My chosen BB cushion was CLIO's Kill Cover. Loved the packaging and thought it would be perfect if decorated.

The miniatures in my kit. I like that it's varied, the bear one was my highlight.

Our first task was to decorate our BB cushion. Sabby Prue, a blogger and also a baker - Little Bakerina -, guided us on how to apply the glue (almost wrote icing here, it looked exactly like that lah, lol). There was even three colours, choco (my colour), vanilla (white lah but vanilla makes it sound appetizing) and strawberry (erm, pink? :)).

My masterpiece!

Luckily, I got my desired nozzle in the kit, hence the shape. It was perfect and I felt so happy with my design.

After most of us had finished decorating, it was time to snack!

The terrariums were as tasty as they looked. Sweet yet satisfying.

We had a contest after that, choosing the best decorated BB cushion. Judges were Sabby Prue and Althea.

My masterpiece won! Secretly I was pleased with myself because I am not an artistic person. This proved otherwise. #fistpump I chosed to get this Tony Moly Blackhead Steam Balm.

Althea spoiled us that day, giving us 150 point to shop! I spent it fully too. *grins Yup, all 150 points on this box of goodies.

There was also a selfie contest during the online shopping. Congratulations to the winners!

We were given an Althea comment card too and got to dip for a prize when returning it. I got the Always 21 Aloe Vera 95%, which I received from The Butterfly Project's Christmas Box. It's a great product, I love it until used sparingly, okay. So happy when I dipped and got this. Lol. Another gift in the Althea pink box was Laneige 5 piece trial kit. 

One last picture of my masterpiece.

Thanks for having me!

Thank you, Althea, for the fun gifts!

Thank you, everyone, for being great individuals. 

And lastly, thanks for reading this! :)

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9 reads

  1. it was indeed a very nice event! lovely and beautiful people. xoxo

  2. I miss this event. Gosh! everything look so sweet and you received awesome goodies too.

  3. Its such a sweet event bet u had fun

  4. Beautiful shop design and pastries ! Would love to try them

  5. The decorated BB cushions look so cute. Your's amazing. You guys are so creative. Glad to know that you all had fun.

  6. i have enjoyed a lot in this party and glad you have the same feeling too ^^ Next time hope that we got time to chat ^^

  7. Happy to see you again in this party! I am glad we are both in the same community where we can help each other and grow together!

  8. Nice food. Hopefully able to join them next round.

  9. That is very nice dear and I am glad that you got that opportunity. I also love baking and I bake cakes for all parties myself. Last week, I had a family party at party venues Chicago and I baked a chocolate cake for that. All my family members loved that.


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