Dear Diary #7

1:06 AM

Dear Diary,

Why did I abandon you, my last post to you was last year!!! OMG!

Anyway, picking up on what I wrote on Dear Diary #6.

Guess what, the 15th December was nothing. Because an incident happened so fuck that shit.

But I can't be selfish, I can't pout, I can't demand it, because I just can't unless I'm a bitch with no feelings. That's how bad the incident was. Reminds me of what happened before also. A date with an ex got cut short because a relative got admitted for stroke. See, I can't be selfish if someone got admitted to a freaking hospital. 



The incident that time wasn't that bad but no less worrying either.

So no plans that day. 

I should stop treating special days as 'special', right?

So what else has happen since then...

Let's go through the hard episodes first.

Shit happened. Total shit. I don't want to be reminded of it but I'm not going to pretend it didn't happen because it was damn shitty. Plus it changed me.

Birthday month and I got Miruchan. And another ruined birthday date because I didn't have enough sleep so I was getting nauseous. Lol. Quite some happy happenings this month but mid month was horrible, shitty.

Le boyfriend's grandfather passed away. That was shitty because family drama. And I'll leave it at that. Anyway, I had my own drama as well so it's fair.

Their Japan trip and I was alone with the three cats. Think it was okay?

Not! No idea which cat, but I kept finding pee until I got so fed up, I couldn't bother anymore.

May- Current month
I wish I could say it's a happy month but fuck it. Nothing beats reality which slaps at your face. Another damn shitty incident. Though this time, someone else interlude. Lol. Actually now that I think of it, she must be such a pitiful person to do that, to make up stories to spite me. Lol.

Okay, happenings here there for the past months to catch up to.

Latest news:

1. I am waiting for my blog name card! Woohoo! Finally! Just waiting for the design then printing then I'm going to start giving it out. :)

2. Received another email that I won from a magazine and this time I'll just opt for postage since collection is only during working hours and previously, I can't self collect. That was shitty so lesson learned!

End note

I just want to be happy most of the time but my life feels so fucked up, there's just too many that can turn the boat around. 

Dear Diary, I was hurt so badly. I just don't know, even now. It's like one day I'm fine then the next day, I feel so shitty.

Dear Diary, I wish January didn't happen at all. Or any of the other incidents. Can't they all go away.....

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