Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Resolutions


Maybe I'm sounding like a pessimist but I had half a mind of skipping resolutions this year. Lol.

Anyway, making this short because I really don't feel like ranting.

2016 Resolutions

1. Be serious with blogging, do what I love. Starting with getting a blog name card! Woohoo!!

2. Creating a new passion and maintaining my writing passion. New passion will reveal later.

3. Start and keep up with BBG, which is scary, looking at the routines.

4. Loosely plan for upcoming local trip in August.

5. Stick to colouring as a way of meditation.

Simple resolutions all the way for 2016!

One of my plans to improve photography.

Restarting my Book Reading Challenge on Goodreads.


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