Victor Frankenstein (2015)

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This is a bit overdue but the movie is still showing in cinemas, so why not? I do love my movie reviews.

I got my pair of tickets from Nuffnang this time, as usual screening at GSC 1 Utama.

I'll be honest, I left feeling impressed but dissatisfied.

I love the body anatomy reference in the movie, like really, the reborn monster with TWO hearts? Wtf. And I would love to have a tough big size bod, so that people won't dare push me around no more. Lol.

The movie started interesting enough, in my opinion, showing the beginnings of a 'hunchback'. Was I the only one thinking about The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Oh really.... Okay.

Then the hunchback was no more. But that was gross, so gross and sorry, I had no idea even though I do know what pus is. Wtf. Hope you readers are not eating, drinking or tummy full at the moment. Oh wait, I'm purposely reporting the gross part to arouse curiosity so that you go watch. :P

Anyway, listening to the body anatomy, I'm sure medical students or practitioners would like this part. It was amazing actually, since I left Biology in Secondary thank goodness to that, wasn't really fun of it, sucks with remembering terms.... 

The pair of professor, Victor and 'partner', Igor, formerly the hunchback or Nameless, managed to create life out of a dead animal. Victor, trying to get more sponsors, decided to show off this 'successful' experiment.

Alive, it did became. Dangerous, it was. The creature went mad and caused havoc, prompting Igor to fight with it and together with Victor, they had to make the creature dead, again. Sorry, couldn't resist it! Lol.

However, a rich guy became interested and promised to sponsor their next experiment. 

A bigger creature.

Hence the bigger bod and well, just about double the organs.

Which I was lost because I didn't pay enough attention to details. If you love body anatomy, then go watch, maybe you would understand better than me.

Oh did I mention that Igor has a love interest?

Well, the love interest part was what made me felt dissatisfied.

I'll stop here about the movie, I'm just this THIS close to spoiling the movie if you haven't watch. Wtf.

Conclusion, this movie will be good to watch for its body anatomy, what you would expect from a movie about Frankenstein, the creature that came alive and whatever happened to Igor.

P.S.: I have been trying to get myself to read the book but procrastinating....

Thanks for reading!

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