Sephora Haul

12:30 PM


My Sephora Haul!
Finally I decided that I DESERVED this!

So almost no limits haul. Wtf.

I have been using the delay-gratitude tactic whenever I enter Sephora. Previously, I bought their shower gel, Percy and Reed dry shampoo, small, inexpensive stuffs, stuff that wouldn't-hurt-my-purse-much-kinda-stuff. Lol.

But it felt so maddening to look at those cool, pretty, believable-do-wonders-to-your-skin products, as if every single one in that store is in a conspiracy to make me broke. Wtf, dramatic much.

Okay okay, so what's my 'damage'?

RM470.00 (Inclusive GST) Boooooo

Yes, I kid you not, though I think that is still a bearable purchase amount , spent wholly on myself.

For 5 items, including the Sephora calendar. Calendar is free with minimum purchase of RM250.

In pic:
Sephora 2016 Calendar (FREE wth min RM250 purchase)
Bare Minerals Tiny Treasure Gloss (RM85)
Sephora Contouring 101 Face Palette (RM110)

Benefit goodies! Including pouch and two deluxe size products.

Benefit Life of the Party (RM165)

What I wanted to buy from Benefit actually... Lol
Benefit Stay Don't Stray Primer (RM110)

The two deluxe size products when purchase above RM250 of Benefit products.

There are still lots of products in Sephora for this month but I'll stop with this haul. 

Wanna look for more products in Sephora? Follow their Facebook page, Sephora.

Plus they are having a Beauty Wishlist Giveaway! Try your luck, who knows if you get lucky and five products for you?

Oh, le bf gave an audible sigh when I told him that I went into Sephora. Lol.

Product reviews will be posted next year! Wtf, already how many weeks left until we hear fireworks.

Thanks for reading.

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