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I love going into bookstores, MPH being my top choice, second Borders and third is Popular. Kinokuniya would have been top with their variety especially the manga collections but sadly, I don't prefer making frequent trips to KLCC. But MPH doesn't disappoint me!

Oh one more choice is BookXcess for their ridiculously affordable prices. If I find what I would like to read. Anyway, can't wait for their Big Bad Wolf Book Sale next week, starting 4th Dec. Yours truly will be going one day earlier, courtesy to a Preview Pass. *evil laugh

Okay, let's start my Bookstore Haul.

Since I shop at bookstores at least more than twice compared to shopping for other stuff i.e. grocery, skincare, make up and etc., I decided why not a bookstore haul. Why not right? Lol.

Wait til I get my own library in my own sweet home then you'll see the amount of books I own right now.


My MPH Bookstore Haul

1. MPH 2016 'Colour My World' Calendar

This is an exclusive calendar, whereby 100% of the proceeds will be donated to UNICEF Malaysia to reduce the number of out-of-school children in Malaysia.

For more info, click here.

Opened it and delighted with the designs, all ready for me to be artistic! Lol

Best part?

Flip the month and a bigger canvas for colouring. Absolutely love this calendar idea from MPH!

This calendar is currently in all MPH outlets (except MPH Bakti Siti Hasmah) and MPH Online with a price of RM15, from now onwards til 31st December 2015.

2. Once Upon a Miao

Confession first: I saw it while browsing in MPH before but I didn't know what to expect from it so I didn't purchase. Imagine my surprise when more and more news about it kept appearing, like purposely tempt me to GET IT. Lol. Okay, the marketing team won. I went to MPH, searching for it, found it and fell in love with it. Damn adorable drawings okay, with funny plots too.

Okay okay, I got 'bribed' with that bookmark. And the cat. Lol.

Retails at RM34.90 in all major bookstores.

Visit the creator on Miao & WafuPafu Comic too!

Book review post soon. :)

3. Stationery

Colour ball pens and colour gel pens!

 Mostly for the calendar. Lol.

10 colour ball pens - RM12.00 (Discount 20%)
6 colour gel pens - RM10.80 (Discount 20%)

4. A5 Desk Diary

Going to start the New Year soon. Okay, not that soon but I always prepare early.
RM22.30 (MRC Discount 10%)

Planning to start my colourful diary quest, I love how others do it on Instagram, prettier and way more interesting than just words.

Total purchases: RM88.20

Thanks for reading!

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